Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Random Shots

Do you ever grab the camera when you see something cute going on but don't have enough pictures to create a post in itself? I do that all the time and end up with a bunch of pictures that never make it to Gracie's blog. I decided to take some of those recent shots and put them into this post. I still have lots of other pictures that will probably stay in the computer forever, unless I decide to stop procrastinating and start scrapbooking again but that probably won't happen anytime soon. Then again, it's almost time for New Year resolutions so maybe I will start making that list........ I'll get right on it, tomorrow!

Last week, Gracie was wearing shoes that were a little too tight. I asked her if they were tight and she said yes so I told her we would get different shoes. I went to finish drying my hair and when I came out of the bathroom, found Gracie with her kitty boots on. She went into her room, and changed her shoes herself without my helping. It was so cute and she had her shoes on the correct feet too!

Showing some tude in her Mickey hat as Gracie likes to call it

A couple days ago, Gracie decided to climb on Wrigley, the most patient dog in the world. I was surprised that he allowed Gracie to sit on him but he's been so gentle and good with Gracie since we brought her home. He's the best dog and we love him very much.

Taking a mommy stroll with her baby and scarecrow. She loves to put her purse on the stroller, just like mommy does.

I thought this was a cute photo

I hardly ever have Gracie's hair down as her head still gets super sweaty and her hair is still growing out so it's at the point where it hangs in her eyes but she still looks cute with it down. :)

No more pictures please!


Christy said...

Far too cute!! I have so many of those random pictures that never make it in a post.

We made a last minute decision to go to Dland yesterday. It was a lot of fun-- sorry I didnt call but it was last minute.

hope to talk to you soon!!


Karen and Bob said...

Very cute pictures. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

William and Bobbie said...

Adorable...have a great thanksgiving!