Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tahoe in the Fall

** For some reason, I 've been having a lot of trouble with this post. My pictures weren't showing up so I had to delete the origial and then re-do the post. Blogger also wasn't cooperating which was driving me crazy. :)

Last weekend, we went to Lake Tahoe for a mini vacation. Jerry had a seminar nearby so Gracie, grandma, and I met up with him and drove to Lake Tahoe. Tahoe is one of our favorite places and if you are ever in Northern CA, you really need to see it. It's hard to describe and the pictures don't do it justice as Tahoe is simply breathtaking and gorgeous. If we could, Jerry and I would move there.

When we went this last time, the leaves were changing colors and were nestled in among the pine trees. It was Gracie's first visit to Tahoe and I had never been in the fall so that made it more special. Jerry and I did our traditional drive around the lake which takes a couple of hours but we stopped at several places and got some neat pictures. There is one point when driving where you can see Fallen Leaf Lake on one side and Lake Tahoe on the other. The road is very narrow and scary at that particular spot but we had to stop and Jerry took some amazing pictures. All too quickly, our 4 days there ended and it was back to reality and hot 80 degree weather. We are hoping to visit in the spring and stay at this really cute resort that we discovered while looking for fall leaves.

PS~ Gracie is an awesome traveler and was great on the plane. On the way there and back, when we were boarding, Gracie had to wave to EVERY single person that had already boarded and said hi to them. It was sweet but kind of embarrassing. Most people were really nice though and said hi back!

Beautiful fall trees, nestled amongst the pines

Fallen Leaf Lake which is right next to Lake Tahoe with a mountain range between the two

Amma (Grandma) and Gracie

Can you see the house?

A very happy girl

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Daddy and Gracie at Sorensens' Ranch

Gracie can spot a swing a mile away

Hey, you stole my fishing pole

Lake Tahoe is at it's lowest natural level right now. That is why there is so much shoreline and rocks showing in this picture.

Gracie taking a rest on the stairs as there were tons to climb

Lake Tahoe (Emerald Bay) is up above and below is the picture of Fallen Leaf Lake. Both these shots were taken from the point in the road going around Tahoe, where you can see both lakes. It's a gorgeous view but the road is scary at that point.

Gracie's favorite spot is the bathtub

Wake up Daddy!!!


Karen and Bob said...

Great pictures. Looks like a fun and relaxing time.

Mom of Three said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun. The leaves are beautiful! I love the new blog too. You are very talented!

"MissMeliss" said...

Gracie is just adorable!!!! Gorgeous place you went to, too.