Thursday, December 04, 2008

Christmas Pictures

This week, I took Gracie to Babies R Us so we could get her "official" Christmas card picture taken. This is the first time that Gracie has had formal pictures taken as it has always been Jerry or I in the past, doing the taking. Last year, Jerry took the card picture and it included Wrigley. This year, I decided to have someone else take the picture as it took forever to get the perfect shot. I wasn't sure how Gracie would do having someone else take her picture but she was great. The girl who took the pictures was good with children and said that Gracie listened well. I was really surprised that Gracie kept the poses that they told her to do. My favorite picture is the first one and that will probably go in the cards, but I also like the one of Gracie looking at the book as she is concentrating so hard. Now, if I could only get a camera that has the same shutter speed that the pros do, then I would be set!!

Love her toes in this picture

I'm not too crazy about the tights but it would have looked funny being in the snow barefoot

This was the hardest pose as Gracie kept giggling and her feet would come apart

My beautiful girl looking so grown up


Karen and Bob said...

What awesome pictures and I love the blog makeover! My inlaws are here and Kailee is asleep so I have a minute to post. MaryJane has something for Gracie. I feel we haven't seen you guys in so long!

Mom of Three said...

I love the one where she is reading the Christmas book! She is such a pretty little girl. I love this time of year!!! (the blog looks really cute!)

Christy said...

OK, I love love love the first picture with the toes. She looks absolutly adorable!!! All the pictures are adorable but I would also frame the book one and maybe make it sepia. I have one like that of Ethan and owen when Owen was a newborn and it has been on my wall for years. I just cherish that picture-- soo cute with Ethan (who had just turned 2) reading a book to his sleeping newborn brother. Just too precious for words. Love all the pics!!!

Hay, can you email me your address. I would like to send you guys a christmas card.

Christy :)

William and Bobbie said...

love the blog..i have no idea how you change the seaons...gracies looks adorable..we can never get leah to smile for pictures :)

Beverly said...

beautiful pics