Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Spirit

Every year, Jerry and I go to Disneyland when it's decorated for the holidays to get us in the Christmas mood. This year, for some reason, I have been having a rough time getting into the "spirit" of Christmas. It's already the 15th of December, my cards aren't started and I haven't completed my shopping. I don't know why I can't get into the holiday this year. Maybe it's because it seems like things are rushing up on me and I have tons to do or I miss my mom, I just can't pinpoint it.

On Thursday, I took Gracie to Disneyland and met S. and her daughter O. there. S. is from my mom's group. We had a lot of fun and Gracie even got to meet Tinkerbell and the other fairies. Gracie doesn't know who they are, so I called them butterflies so she would understand and so Gracie called them that too. Gracie danced with Tinkerbell and it was very cute but I forget to get it on video. Friday evening, I dragged, took Jerry to Disneyland again. It was very packed, more so than I have ever seen it. We did get to go on a few rides in Fantasyland and Gracie was so cute as she can name the rides now. She saw the carousel and said horsies, then after that, she said to Jerry and I, Dumbo please. How could we resist! The night ended with the Pooh ride and by that time, we had had enough of the crowds so we went home. Disneyland did bring me some holiday joy and hopefully as Christmas creeps closer, I will get into the spirit some more.

PS~ Gracie went pee pee and poo on her potty chair and was so proud of herself. My little baby is growing up.

Gracie loves the horsies

Making mommy dizzy on the Tea Cups

She wasn't too thrilled with Minnie

Was a little better with Mickey

We waited in line for 40 minutes to see Tinkerbell and Gracie did so good, I was very proud of her. I think she had more fun with the worker than Tink herself!

One of the fairies, but don't ask me who. S. would kill me!

Tinkerbell who looks like my friend Melissa minus the green outfit and blonde hair

Cute shot of Gracie and Daddy

Another cute picture

Self-taken family portrait

It's a Small World was all lit up for the holidays. Simply beautiful.


Karen and Bob said...

What great pictures! Gracie looks just adorable in every one. I know what you mean about the holidays sneaking up.

Happy Holidays! Hope to see you soon.

Jay, Angela, and Laney said...

Very cute pictures of Gracie!

Merry Christmas!

Christy said...

those are great pictures!!! I love all of them and Gracie just could not look any cuter. I too have had a hard time getting into the spirit this year. Dland gets me into the spirit but I just still have so many things to do and feel very behind in so many areas of my life right now so I am just struggling with getting into the mood. I know I will but I better hurry!!

Great pics and we totally need to get together soon!

Christy :)

Beverly said...


Mom of Three said...

The lights make it look even more like a fairyland. How fun that you could go twice in one day. Gracie looks like she is loving it!