Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kailee's Birthday Party

Last weekend, was one of my friend's Karen's daughter's birthday party. Beautiful Kailee turned 3 and her party was at a place called My Gym. It was a very cool place to have a birthday party and sometime in the future, for one of Gracie's parties, I might have to "steal" the idea. The people that ran the party were fantastic and they helped with everything. All the kids had a blast there and Gracie loved the ball pit. They even had a mini zip line for the kids that looked so fun, I wanted to participate! We were sorry to see the party end. Happy Birthday again, cutie Kailee!!!

Lost in the ball pit

Gorgeous birthday girl

Dance to the music

Karen and Kailee (Karen is smiling at the girl in the blue shirt)

Our friend Christy and her beautiful girl Mia

Kailee on the zip line

Gracie's turn. I missed the shot of her smiling

Waiting patiently for instructions


William and Bobbie said...

what a cool place for a party..looks like a great time..i want a zip line!

Christy said...

It was a fun party. Love all the pictures!! Gracie was such a social little thing-- I was impressed. I was surprised how reserved Mia was at first but luckily she loosened up with time. Anyway, cant wait till friday and disney again!!

Christy :)

Karen and Bob said...

Thanks for coming and sharing in on the fun! We had a blast. You took some great pictures!

Natalie said...

Looks like everyone had fun. All of the girls are so cute. Elliana enjoyed the pictures.

Mom of Three said...

That looks like a blast! Too bad that we will miss her birthday by a week. BTW...Thanks for the awesome blogover!!! I love it!