Monday, January 19, 2009

Lucky Mommy Club

Recently a group of my friends and I made a trip to Disneyland. All of our children are from China which makes the group even more special. We all met through various people, message boards, blogs etc. and we get along great. We have gone to Disneyland a couple of times already and have a blast each time we go. It's so neat to have a close knit group of ladies that I can talk to about adoption and other things and also for Gracie to grow up surrounded by children that come from the same circumstances that she did. I feel this is important, especially as she grows older.

I titled my post Lucky Mommy Club because when we were at Disneyland last Friday, we were talking about how people always tell us how lucky our children are. We were discusing how we say no, we are the lucky ones. From that, Karen one of the moms, came up with the name of our group which I love because it's so true. Anyway, the pictures are actually a combination from two playdates, one from the beginning of Jan. and one from last week. You'll be able to see which shots were from a few weeks ago as the kids are bundled up and most recently, they are wearing summer clothes as the weather has been in the 80s!! I really am trying hard to keep up with blogging but it seems like things have gotten so busy lately and don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Enjoy!!

Left to right, Mia, Becky, Kailee, Gracie and the lone boy of the group, Ryan. Notice how Ryan and Gracie are holding hands, too cute!

On the Dumbo ride, one of Gracie's favorites


Becky and her first lolly

Lollypop stroller shot!!

L to R Karen, Becky, Mia and Christy

Karen and Kailee on the teacups

Gracie on her other favorite ride, the teacups

Becky, Karen, and Ashley

Gracie looks so small in this big chair

Mia looks on while Kailee plays the piano

Love this shot of the girls with Pooh. Becky was afraid of Pooh which I understand as Gracie felt the same way a few months ago.


William and Bobbie said...

what a great name for your group.. we are so lucky :) i wanna go to disneyland too! looks like a lot of fun.. btw..i dont like reading about your warm weather.. we have had a high of 12 which is a lot better than our high of zero .. i dont think it will ever stop snowing ..ugh.. i have the winter blues

Jay, Angela, and Laney said...

Great name for your Mom's group. Sounds like you have a wonderful support group.

I am jealous that you live so close to Disneyland! :-)

Natalie said...

What a fun time you all look like you're having. I really like your new name. Cute.
They all look so darling together in their strollers with their lollipops. You can call them the lollipop gang. LOL... Sorry, it's late but I think it's kind of cute.
Hugs to all of you. I really miss ya!