Thursday, February 26, 2009

Disneyland Part 100

On Tuesday, Gracie and I met a couple of mom's from my adoption group for breakfast at IHOP, then a day at Disneyland. I know, I know, more Disneyland pictures but I just can't resist bringing the camera and snapping shots of Gracie girl at one of my favorite places. The day was quite long, as we went to IHOP first since they were giving away free pancakes for a donation to a children's charity which the name has slipped my mind (this is called mommy brain) and then ended up staying at Disneyland until 6:30pm at night. It was fun though and I got to bring home a yummy cupcake. I also found out that Gracie is now 36" tall as she was measured before being allowed on the bumper cars. She is as tall as the 3 year olds that we were with and Gracie isn't even 2 and 1/2 yet! I think I am going to have one tall girl on my hands, at least taller than mommy and daddy which isn't saying much. I'm trying to think of something witty to end my post but I have a sore throat and am too darn tired so I guess I will just end with good night!

Ring around the Rosie with O and J. Hey, that spells OJ!

They all fall down!

Driving the bumper car and don't worry, it's Disneyland and the cars go really, really slow

This was on the ladybug twirly ride, right before Gracie fell off the seat which is a story within itself

Chinese anyone?

Cutie pie J and her mommy D

Just Goofin' around!


William and Bobbie said...

awww i wanna go to disneyland too..we have cedar point and kings island..kinda fun..but not really. i dont think leah will be very tall.. shes 32 inches i think but shes so hard to measure..gracie suddenly looks older..maybe its her hair.. where did our little babies go?

Mom of Three said...

My kids are all ready excited to go! I just hope the girls can ride on the same rides now that Gracie is so tall :)

Jay, Angela, and Laney said...

She looks like such a big girl. Especially, in the first picture! So cute holding hands with each other. Gracie has the best smile!

Doesn't it seem like our girls are growing so fast?