Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

We don't do a lot for Valentine's Day, usually cards at the most. This year, since Gracie is getting older, I wanted her to make something for Jerry so we sat down yesterday and started to make a valentine tree. It looked simple enough in store but when I opened the package and saw that it required hot glue and glitter amongst other things, I decided to scrap that idea and make an impromtu gift. The package contained a red heart with a white outline that didn't require one burning their fingers, just a peel and stick deal so I put that together and then let Gracie color it and put on as many foam stickers that to her heart's content, no pun intended. The heart turned out pretty cute and Jerry loved it and of course, the Starbucks gift card attached to it was much appreciated. Tonight, we are going to be romantic, and hit our local Target store and then come home for a nice homemade crockpot dinner and possibly some store bought cookies. Happy Valentine's Day!

The heart Gracie made Jerry

I also threw in a handmade card

Gracie loved her new spider stuffed animal and monkey slippers. It was hard to smile with a mouthful of candy hearts.

Even Wrigley needed a valentine hug too!


Karen said...

Very cute art project! Isn't it amazing how our idea of romance changes with kids??

William and Bobbie said...

how the hand print card!

Mom of Three said...

It looks like a good day! Happy Hearts Day late!