Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Little Artist

For Christmas, Gracie got a ton of things for her to be creative with including new markers which she is using in the pictures and products from the Crayola Color Wonder line which if you haven't tried before, are fantastic. She even has the erasable water crayons for the bathtub. Every morning, Gracie asks me to color and will spend a lot of time doing this activity. She also likes for Jerry and I to draw things for her which unfortunately for me, isn't good as I am not an artist, lol! Her favorite things that she wants us to draw are Mickey Mouse and Pooh. Yesterday, she asked me to draw Eeyore which there is no way in heck that I would even know where to start, so I asked her to draw him for me instead. And wouldn't you know it, she made a couple of squiggles and bam, told me that it was Eeyore. :)

The best part of all this coloring, is Gracie now knows her colors as we will say to her when coloring, do you want the pink crayon or the green one? She gets really excited and will run over to me and say "Mommy, pink or Mommy, black". I love seeing her so enthusiastic about how proud she is that she knows her colors. Just to be clear, she doesn't know every single color on the spectrum which I don't expect her to and she does get her colors confused sometimes but that's okay cause she's only 2!


Mom of Three said...

I think that is some great abstract art! Way to go Gracie!

Christy said...

How cool is that. I need to find out what you have cuz mia loves to color and draw as well. I was just commenting to kevin that mia knows the basic colors now. Not all, but the basics. I was so pleased becuase I suck as a teacher mom and hardly work with her on those kind of things so how she got the colors-- dont know -- but glad she has them!

We need to get together soon-- very soon!!

Christy :)

William and Bobbie said...

love the pictures she made..leah knows her colors..but the girl cant count to two!! she says 1, 3, 5, 7.. i just tell everyone she counting by odd numbers..then we will do evens..how tall is gracie? she looks tall than leah..the girls are growing up so fast!

Natalie said...

I want a picture Gracie!!!! I love your artwork!