Friday, February 06, 2009

Since we missed celebrating Chinese New Year, I decided to break out the dress that I have been saving for almost 2 years that I got in China, and put it on Gracie for some pictures. At least we could celebrate in spirit, if anything else! The dress fit okay but I can tell that in a month or two, it won't fit any longer. I remember asking the lady in China for a dress that would fit a toddler and she said that this particular one would fit a three year old. Little did I know at the time, that I would have a beautiful tall girl. Gracie loved her dress and especially the dragonflies that she kept calling ladybugs. I was able to quickly get some pictures before she wanted to run outside and play on her swing set. Hopefully next year, we will get to celebrate in style.

I forgot to add that underneath my blog header, there is a saying. I actually received this in a fortune cookie when I was going through my infertility treatments and rough times. I knew that this fortune was a message to me and I would have a child one day so I have saved the fortune all these years as a reminder that things may not go the way I like but they will somehow turn out okay.

Also, Jerry used to go to a particulular chinese restaurant at least once a week. Every fortune he received, seemed to come true. Right before we got our referral for Gracie, he got a fortune that said something to the effect that he would receive good news for a far away place. At that time, nobody knew what China was doing with referrals so we didn't know we were next in line. Jerry kept the fortune in his wallet and we got the call a couple of weeks later. To this day, Jerry too has kept the fortune!


Mom of Three said...

I love the new blog! Again, beautiful are so creative. Gracie looks beautiful in her outfit. We received a fortune cookie that talked about our focus would be on our family soon, and got our referral right after that. Even if it is late...Gung Hay Fat Chow!

Christy said...

We totally missed you guys the other day. I would love to see you guys soon.

I totally love the pics of Gracie in her dress!!

I have an award for you on my blog-- check it out.

Christy :)

Karen and Bob said...

Your blog makeover looks awesome---love it! And Grace looks absolutely beautiful in her dress. What a great color on her.

William and Bobbie said...

your blog looks the pictures!!

Natalie said...

You could go into business re- designing blogs! I love it! And
Gracie looks adorable as always.
I'm so glad you're feeling better.