Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Aquarium

So I know you are getting tired of the SF pictures and I sorta am too so I thought I would post something different. Today I took Gracie to our local aquarium. I've only been once and Gracie is at the age now where she loves fish so we decided to go. I told Grace last night that we were going to see fish today and the first thing she said to me was, see fish today. What a memory she has! The aquarium is not very big but that's okay cause they have fish, fish, and more fish. Throw in a couple of sharks, sea lions, and birds and there ya go. Ever since I showed Gracie Nemo and she watched half of the movie, every orange fish she sees, she thinks it's him.

We walked around the aquarium, until we found the orange fish and Gracie said, Nemo, yay! Look, there's Nemo. Then she promptly decided to point out mommy fish. Mommy fish go play tennis (I am currently taking tennis lessons). She also pointed out the daddy fish, amma fish (grandma), and Gracie fish. The aquarium also had a huge and I mean freaking huge sting ray which was in with the sharks thank goodness. My favorite part was petting the starfish which Gracie refused to touch but I did con her into petting the sea anemone after I told her that it felt like jello, one of her favorite foods. Hey, whatever works.

Huge fish which I've forgotten the name of but they live off the CA coast and are bigger than Gracie

This is a baby shark in a sack. If you click on the picture to enlarge, you can see it better.

Gracie got soaked in the shark fountain but that's okay cause that's what kids do!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

San Francisco Part III

Gracie showing off her fishy face

Gracie was so tired that she fell asleep right on the bus

Picture taken of the Golden Gate Bridge from the top outside level of our bus

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Japanese Gardens

One of the stops on the double decker bus was Golden Gate Park. The park was huge, 3 miles long and 1.5 miles wide. Of course, Jerry, Gracie, and I easily jogged the thing twice, NOT!! One thing we did do was visit the beautiful Japanese tea garden. While in that garden though, I did have a not so pleasant experience. This experience pertained to me being caucasian and Gracie being Chinese. It came from a very unexpected source, a couple of young girls which shocked me even more. While I was walking with Gracie, we happened upon two girls about the age of 8 or 9. They were very close and talking not so quietly and I heard one of the girls say to the other, "I want to ask her, meaning me, if that's her real daughter". The other one then says, "I don't know, but that's weird to have a Chinese girl for a daughter". So there you have it, it's weird having a a Chinese daughter, let alone one that is real.

I really wanted to walk up to the girls and not so nicely explain that families are made different ways and I further wanted to yell at the lady who was with them but I didn't. I composed myself and gave them the dirtiest look that I could and quietly walked away. Did I do the right thing by not saying anything? I don't know. I didn't want to make a scene, especially in front of Gracie and I felt like that was what I was about to do. One thing I do know is that maybe someday, hopefully, the anger will fade as well as the comments but it just makes me sad that Gracie will have to face these things in her life and I hope that she too will be able to raise her head high, educate, and walk away.

Cool cable car

In front of the gates to Chinatown

Told you Gracie just loved that bus

Gracie and Jerry on top of a very neat arch in the Japanese Gardens

A beautiful picture that Jerry took

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

San Francisco

This past weekend, Jerry, Gracie and I went to the beautiful city of San Francisco. Jerry and I haven't been in about 10 years and I wanted to go for my birthday, so we packed up the car with junk food, pillows, and anything else one would need for a weekend road trip and made our way to the city by the bay. Hey, that rhymes! We took tons of pictures of course and I have 5 postings worth so instead of attemping to post 30 pictures at once I am going to break up the posts.

Some of the pictures below show our first night and day in SF. Gracie did great in the car although she did talk quite a bit. Gee, I don't know anybody like that. :) On the drive to SF, we had to point out all the cows and sheep and make the appropriate noises that go with those animals. We stopped halfwayto SF at McDonald's and Gracie announced to the restaurant that she had to go pee pee in the potty chair. I'm sure the people eating their hamburgers got a nice visual with that comment.

At the hotel, Gracie slept with me while Jerry got his own bed to himself, lucky dog. We couldn't push the bed against the wall and I was worried that Gracie was going to fall out so I didn't get much sleep the first night. Wouldn't you know that in the middle of the night, I felt Gracie tossing and turning and one toss too many and bam she fell out of bed! Like the trooper she is, she crawled right back in and went to sleep with no kisses or anything.

One of our first stops was Chinatown where although Gracie has plenty of them, I couldn't resist buying her a cute pair of shoes. What's shopping without shoes anyway?! We ate a delicious lunch and visited a fortune cookie factory which was more like a tiny store. They even had chocolate fortune cookies, and flat fortune cookies which are the cookies before they shape them. When we got home, Jerry found 1 regular cookie in our flat batch and this is what his fortune said, Fu Ling Yu Says (fooling you says): Caged canary should not fear kitten, a little pussy never hurt anyone. I kid you not, that was his fortune!

Yay, headed to SF!!

All tucked in and ready for her book

Daddy and Gracie on the double decker bus

Love that smile!

Beautiful entrance to Chinatown

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

As Close as I'm Gonna Get

Today President Obama spoke in a town hall meeting which was about 20 minutes from our house. Our house is really close to the aiport that President Obama landed at and our house is in the flight path so I had a good feeling that we might see Marine One, the helicopter that Obama took to the meeting I tried to get pictures of the helicopters on the way to the meeting but they were too far away but on the way home, the helicopters flew right over our house and Jerry got some good shots. Gracie and I went outside and Gracie yelled Hello President Omamma. Jerry taught her our president's name and every once in a while, will say Omamma is president. It's very cute. Anyway, regardless of your political affliation, it's not everyday that a president flies over your house and we were all excited to see the helicopters!

You can barely see the helicopters behind the trees

Headed towards our house

Getting closer

Right above our house

Monday, March 16, 2009

You Belong in the Zoo!

Lucky Moms went to the Santa Ana Zoo today. It's a very small zoo but the perfect size for little ones. The zoo only has a few animals, mostly monkeys but they also have a train and carousel. Gracie and I had a lot of fun and she tired herself out silly playing with the other girls in the sand and on the playground equipment. Tonight when Jerry gave Gracie her bath, he couldn't figure out where all the sand had come from. Ooops, forgot to warn him about that!


Mia hanging onto her mom's leg

Mia, Gracie and Kailee having fun in the sand

Love this picture of the girls salivating over Kailee's pushup!

Christy and Mia on the train

Kailee and Gracie on the choo choo

My favorite picture of Gracie today. She's sitting in an egg in case you were wondering what it was. This was the farm area and it was cute because she started to sing Old MacDonald!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Birthday Fun!

Today I am celebrating my 37th birthday! Woo hoo! I still can't believe that I am only 3 years away from 40. I remember when I was younger and I used to think that 30 sounded so old. Now, I am at the age where people in their 20s think that I am old. I have also officially passed the mid 30s stage and am now in the latter part. I decided to celebrate my wisdom years by taking Gracie to Disneyland. I love Disneyland and everytime I go, it makes me happy and things seem right with the world. I could take a book there and sit on a bench and read all day. Well, maybe not all day but at least for a couple of hours. :) Currently, Disney has a deal where if you go on your birthday, you can either get a free ticket to get into the park or if you are a passholder, receive a merchandise voucher for $69 good for anywhere in the park, aside from the restaurants. The bonus is the voucher never expires. Since I have a pass, I chose the voucher. I had a lot of fun with Gracie and enjoyed our Disneyland bonding time together. All day, she kept saying Happy Birthday Mommy, it was very cute. We were able to get on tons of rides as it wasn't too crowded and I treated myself to a huge yummy cupcake which I am going to eat later after Gracie goes to bed. I know, I am a mean mommy. I did buy Jerry one too because I knew he'd want to hoard mine. Next week, Jerry, Gracie, and I are going to San Francisco for a long weekend to celebrate my birthday. All in all, today has turned out to be pretty darn nice and just for a moment, I felt young again when the nice conductor on the train gave Gracie a celebration button and said that it was in honor of her sister's birthday!!;)

I hate having pictures taken of myself but this one isn't so bad

My very yummy huge cupcake!

Monday, March 09, 2009

What's Wrong with This Picture?

Last week Gracie had a little owie on her hand. She asked for a Hello Kitty band- aid as usual so I went ahead and put it on her hand. I was off in the other room while she was puttering around in the reading room. It got a little too quiet so I went in and decided to check up on Gracie and see what she was doing. Here's the story.

As I walked in, Gracie sat admiring her art work. What's that I see up on the wall, above the day bed? It's not. Could it be?

Her Hello Kitty band- aid, stuck way up above the bed on the wall.

Gosh Mommy, I have no clue how that got up there. Look how cute and innocent I am. May I have another band- aid,? So silly me, being the kind mommy that I am who doesn't want her poor daughter to go without a band aid on her owie, once again gives Gracie another. Only to find...........

A band-aid stuck on the wall, placed just above the couch in the living room. Sigh, will I ever learn?! :)