Wednesday, March 18, 2009

As Close as I'm Gonna Get

Today President Obama spoke in a town hall meeting which was about 20 minutes from our house. Our house is really close to the aiport that President Obama landed at and our house is in the flight path so I had a good feeling that we might see Marine One, the helicopter that Obama took to the meeting I tried to get pictures of the helicopters on the way to the meeting but they were too far away but on the way home, the helicopters flew right over our house and Jerry got some good shots. Gracie and I went outside and Gracie yelled Hello President Omamma. Jerry taught her our president's name and every once in a while, will say Omamma is president. It's very cute. Anyway, regardless of your political affliation, it's not everyday that a president flies over your house and we were all excited to see the helicopters!

You can barely see the helicopters behind the trees

Headed towards our house

Getting closer

Right above our house


Christy said...

too cool!! I think that is sooooo cool!! Tomorrow Obamma is going to be in Pomona and Kevin has to be a part of the motorcade leading him to his destination. I told him to take my camera just in case he gets to see him. He also got to watch the mock training run for marine 1 at Bracket airport (little airport by our house). Its not really marine 1 but they act like it is and pravtice. It is really cool!

Christy :)

Natalie said...

Too cute how Gracie says his name.

William and Bobbie said... cute