Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Toddlers Gone Wild!

One day last week, Jerry was in our bedroom taking a nap. He had taken the house phone with him and all of a sudden, I heard the intercom part ring from the kitchen. I picked it up and asked Jerry what was wrong. He proceeded to tell me that Gracie Girl was completely naked and playing around with her diaper. Apparently, our daughter decided that after her nap, she wanted to take off everything and hang around bare naked in the crib. A few days after that incident, I went in to get Gracie one morning and what do I find, a sleepy girl completely stripped again. She had been wearing her footy zipper pajamas and somehow had gotten the zipper down halfway and was able to manuever her way out of the pjs. So far, those are the only two times she has stripped in bed.

On another day in the same week, I walked in on Gracie to get her from her nap and what do I find? Her crib toys all shoved into the sides of her crib. The stuffed animals were all hanging around, like they were in crib prison and poor Snoopy and Mickey's backsides were exposed. It was so funny, I had to take a picture.

Sleepy girl handing me her pajamas

Here's the diaper she should have been wearing, thank goodness no accidents

Photoshopped version of my naked girl

Snoopy and Mickey just hanging around

The front of Snoopy and Mickey

I love her spider's eyes, peaking out through the rail


MissMeliss said...

Ok, now that is FUNNY!!!! :)


Jay, Angela, and Laney said...

That is too funny!

Jen and Clint - said...

How funny! You described it so well, but then to see the pictures was just hilarious. The spider eyes cracked me up too.
I'm new to your blog... well, I've actually dropped in a few times before, but never left comments. I'm a friend of Isabella & Elliana's Natalie- she told me about you and gave me your blog address. We live in Visalia, California, and we too, have a Yangxi beauty. Just thought I'd say hi- I enjoy your blog. Your daughter is beautiful! You gotta love that she's silly too!

Jennifer =)

William and Bobbie said...

haha..thats too funny!

Mom of Three said...

She is too funny! Love the picture of the two stuffed bums!

Natalie said...

hey Elliana is constantly taking off her diaper. Sometimes she has surprises for me too! I have actually taped them on her. I'm working on posting to my blog but it'll be awhile yet. Cracks me up that she's not the only one.
My friend, Gracie is sure a beauty!