Monday, March 16, 2009

You Belong in the Zoo!

Lucky Moms went to the Santa Ana Zoo today. It's a very small zoo but the perfect size for little ones. The zoo only has a few animals, mostly monkeys but they also have a train and carousel. Gracie and I had a lot of fun and she tired herself out silly playing with the other girls in the sand and on the playground equipment. Tonight when Jerry gave Gracie her bath, he couldn't figure out where all the sand had come from. Ooops, forgot to warn him about that!


Mia hanging onto her mom's leg

Mia, Gracie and Kailee having fun in the sand

Love this picture of the girls salivating over Kailee's pushup!

Christy and Mia on the train

Kailee and Gracie on the choo choo

My favorite picture of Gracie today. She's sitting in an egg in case you were wondering what it was. This was the farm area and it was cute because she started to sing Old MacDonald!


Karen and Bob said...

Sure was fun today! I had about a cup of sand come out of Kailee's shoes. I guess that's why she kept wanting to take them off.

Natalie said...

All of the girls are sure cute. I love the last photo of Gracie too. She looks like she really likes it in there!

Christy said...

We had such a good time and I cant wait to see you guys again-- too fun!!!

Christy :)

Mom of Three said...

Looks like a fun day at the zoo. I love the one of Gracie in the egg. Maybe that can be your Easter pic this year :)