Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today was Gracie's baptism and our new member reception to our church. We have been attending our church for quite a while and love it! Our church is 125 years old and beautiful with a floor to ceiling pipe organ. It took us a while to become members because our church is of the Lutheran faith and I was baptized Catholic and felt like I was somehow betraying the Catholic religion. Growing up, I didn't really attend church and my parents allowed me to try out different churches with my friends but I really want Gracie to learn about God and the Bible and feel it's important for her to have some type of religious background. When she gets older, if she chooses to branch out to a different religion, then that is her choice but for now, I feel that it's up to Jerry and I to lead her in some type of direction.

During Gracie's baptism, I got really emotional and tears came to my eyes. It felt like such a special experience I just can't describe it. I didn't realize I would feel this way and somehow have a peace that I didn't quite have before. I thank God everyday for bringing Gracie into our lives and she really is such a special little girl, a pure gift from Heaven.

PS~ We don't have any pictures from the actual baptism as pictures weren't allowed to be taken.

Sitting on the steps, waiting for the breakfast to start

Gracie looking at the Bible one of her godparents gave her. She also received a beautiful cross necklace from her other godmother.

Gracie's godparents, who we have been friends with for a very long time. They love Gracie as much as we do and are honored to have them in our life.

Granny Joy and Gracie

We had a huge group of new members joining our church. We are sitting in the front row, far right.

"The Family"


Mom of Three said...

It looks like a wonderful day. What a beautiful dress you bought her too! She is a gift from heaven.

Karen said...

I love that God touched your heart through Gracie's baptism. What a special day for a wonderful little angel!

Natalie said...

I don't know why but your post made me tear up. I know how very much you love your daughter. You words speak high volumes of your love for her. We all are SO blessed.
It's neat that you got her baptized.
What a special day!