Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Easter Picnic

Last weekend, my mom's group had an Easter picnic. It was so much fun and each us of parents brought plastic filled eggs so the kids could go "hunting". This was the first time that Gracie has looked for eggs and she really enjoyed it. She also liked the cookies, chips, cupcakes, fruitpunch, etc...!!!!! She ended up with the cute little punch face that only kids can pull off.

After the picnic, Gracie and mommy were exhausted so when we got home, we both took a very long nap. Thank you to all of our OCAM friends for organizing the picnic.

I love this picture!

I was fooling around with the color and thought this effect looked cool

Picture of Gracie through the tube slide

A closer look

Hunting for eggs

The "gang"


William and Bobbie said...

looks like so much fun..her hair is really growing!

Mom of Three said...

So much fun! Plus, I LOVE this blog format. It is so bright and springy. Great job...again!