Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pickn' Strawberries

Last Saturday, Gracie and I went to a farm by our house and took a strawberry tour. The tour consisted of being pulled by a tractor while we sat in the back of a wagon and the tractor would stop every once in a while and we got to eat fresh organic fruits and veggies pulled directly from the fields. I actually learned a lot such as 90% of avocados come from CA which means I think those of us who live here should get a discount for those yummy things. :) At the end of the tour, we got to pick strawberries and eat as many as our tummys could hold. It was such a blast and Gracie kept saying more, more. She ate so many that as we were leaving, she let out a loud burp! I can't wait to go back for the watermelon tour!

Gracie tried the celery which surprised me as she doesn't care for celery

Yummy cilantro

The carrots were my personal favorites

Cutie Becky

Filling up her basket

Mmmm, messy

Now that's one cute strawberry face


William and Bobbie said...

looks like so much fun..and what a "fashionista" to have on a strawberry dress..way too cute

Mom of Three said...

Love the strawberry juice face! That is a classic photo! Looks like a yummy day.

Karen and Bob said...

I wish I oould have gone...looks like so much fun! Gracie looks so cute with her strawberry face and I love the strawberry dress too.

Christy said...

Fun!!! I didnt know you guys did that!! Mia would have loved that!I wish I didnt have to work so much-- ugg!!

My boss just schedueled a psych meeting on that monday 5-11 and I am trying ot get out of it beucae I was going to play hookie so Im gonna have to rework some things but I plan to be there.

I was thinking that maybe before it gets too crazy hot that you guys all come out to my sister inlaws farm-- Amys Farm- and we take a little tour. It would be fun for the kids andthey get to feed a baby cow a bottle. They have a petting area and get to pull vegys from the garden. It would be a lot of fun-- just really dirty- it is a working farm. I will email everyone about it.

Love the pics!!

Natalie said...

Adorable pictures. It looks like so much fun! My girls would love something like that!
Her shirt is perfect too. Loved it!