Saturday, May 16, 2009

First off, I have been a bad blogger lately and I apologize. May has been a crazy busy month and as you can tell, I haven't even had the chance to update my blog appearance, hence the Easter Bunny is still on the blog.
Monday our Lucky Mom's went on the train to LA where we ate lunch in Chinatown and the kids got to play a bit. This was Gracie's first time on a "real" train, which is one other than the train that goes around Disneyland. When I told her that we were going to go on the train, she kept asking about seeing the dinosaurs because that's one of the things you view while you are on the Disneyland train. When we were on the train, Gracie kept saying Thomas the Train because she loves Thomas so I told her we were on his train!
It was a really fun day and Gracie fell asleep the minute we drove out of the parking lot on the way back home. Tomorrow, we are leaving for our Alaskan cruise and I am so excited but a little bit nervous. I hate to fly so that's freaking me out. Plus, I have a helicopter and float plane tour booked, yikes!!! I will post pictures when I get back since we arne't bringing our laptop as we are trying to pack light, ha ha, if you consider 3 suitcases light but it's Alaska and it's cold so I needed to bring lots of clothes.

Getting ready to board

Looking out at the scenary as it whizzed by

I stole this picture from my friend Karen's blog. Gracie and Becky look like they are plotting something while innocent Ryan looks on!

Count Dracula!

Noodle beard! (not sure what was up with the food thing but it made for some comical pictures)

Our green chair photo

This picture cracks me up :)

Ryan enjoying the rocket

Yee haw!

One last group shot before we left. Amazingly, everyone was still awake!

Oops, a little too big for their little heads

Ryan looks cool with his hat and sunglasses


Natalie said...

Looks like a lo of fun you all have! I love the food pictures too.
Have a fun time on your cruise I can't wait to hear all about it!


Karen said...

what a fun time we had! I love seeing everyone else's picture - I forgot about the food thing with Gracie!

Hope your trip is amazing!!!

Mom of Three said...

What a fun group of kiddos! You always seem to do these really great things. I can't wait to come out and join you...too bad it's still so far away. Enjoy your cruise!