Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day

Here's a little twinkle from my star. :) Gracie loves to sing and out of the blue, will grab the microphone from our drawer. One day a couple of weeks ago, she grabbed it and started singing Elmo's World. At the end, she said thank you, thank you and bowed after I said good job. Have no clue where she picked that up. I realize listening to this video that I am overly enthusiastic with my voice and it's kind of annoying so I apologize. Also, excuse Gracie's hair and outfit as she is still in her pjs because she had just woken up. Happy Mom's Day everyone!

PS~ Gracie had the hiccups throughout the video so one will pop out every so often while she is singing!


Karen and Bob said...

Too cute! Next American Idol. :) She holds a tune pretty well.

Christy said...

That was totally cute!!! I love hearing her sing. It is too cute!

cant wait to see you tomorrow!!

Mom of Three said...

How cute is that!!! She is getting so big. I can't wait to see her in person. Happy Mom's Day late!!!

Natalie said...

Can she be any cuter???
I love it!