Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Alaka, the second half

Here are the rest of the pictures from our Alaska trip.

In Skagway, we went on an exursion where you take the train back. There was a train just ahead of us which you can see in this picture. Notice how narrow the track is? It got pretty hairy at times!

Mommy and Gracie on the train

Glacier Bay which is a national park, was probably my favorite part of the cruise. I could have sat there all day long looking at the glaciers surrounding us. It was so peaceful and serene, a true testiment of God's creation.

The water was as smooth as glass in Glacier Bay

This glacier is called Margarie Glacier. It's 250 feet tall and no words can describe it. Jerry and I sat on our balcony and just stared and stared. We got great video of some calving which is where chunks of ice fall into the water from the glacier. This is also where Jerry got video of a bald eagle catching a fish and eating it. Truly magnificent!

More views from Marjorie Glacier

Doesn't this look fake, like a paiting? I swear it is real!

Another glacier which we stopped at but I can't remember the name of!

One of our final stops, Ketchikan which was a cute, quaint old town.

The float plane which Jerry took that I chickened out on.

Look closely at the light pole. Jerry caught a bald eagle!

Misty Fjiords from Jerry's float plane.

More from the float plane

I thought this was a cool picture Jerry caught of his plane's shadow on the mountain

A lake totally frozen over

Jerry met some new friends on his exursion

Later after Jerry's plane ride, we went to a park called Totem Park which had a bunch of totem poles

Guess what? Jerry grew hair in Alaska! Must have been all the fish!!

A nice view of Ketchikan

Gracie having fun in the kid's club on the ship

Yep, even though we were in Alaska, we ate ice cream almost everyday!

The Parliament building at our last stop in Victoria, Canada

Our last night, Gracie tried to help with the packing. Peek a boo, I see you. :)

That's all folks!


Mom of Three said...

It looks beautiful! What a great trip, and Gracie looks so happy (so does Jerry with all that hair!).

Natalie said...

What a truly magnificent place. I enjoyed all of the photo's and could have looked at more. I'll have to look over your blog again!
Thanks so much for posting these.