Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Alaska, Finally!!!

As many of you know, Jerry, Gracie and I went on an Alaskan cruise in May. I don't know why it's taken me so long to post, probably because I've been busy, along with just not feeling up to it but, I've finally updated my blog and have started posting some of my pictures from the vacation. We ended up taking over 1,200 pictures and heck no, I am not posting all of them! I went through them and tried to pick the ones I thought you'd like. I will do a second posting tomorrow, or more realistically in a couple of days.

Alaska itself was gorgeous. I cannot use enough words to describe how much I enjoyed the state and the cruise itself. I think of our trip almost everyday and can't wait to go back. This time around, we did a couple of flight tours and next time, I think I would like to do some land ones. There is so much to see and do in Alaska, that 7 days just wasn't enough. I did achieve one of my lifetime goals, and that was to walk on a glacier. If you've never done so, it was fantastic and surreal. I just felt so peaceful while on the ship, looking at the beautiful glaciers and land that I wanted to stay forever. You could truly see God's work and it was amazing.

The ship itself was great and we chose a cruise that was branded as freestyle dining. What that means is that instead of being given a set time to eat dinner each night, with the same people, we got to choose what time and where we wanted to eat which worked out great because of having Gracie and with the excursions we took. The bed was heavenly and aside from Hawaii, it's the best I've ever slept. One night, the ship even had a chocoholics buffet at 10pm (sorry Gracie that we kept you up) where they turned the whole buffet area into anything and everything chocolate. I swear, there were dipped apples, cakes, yummy huge strawberries which I had 7 of and just tons and tons of stuff. Unfortunately, we were so excited that we forgot our camera.

Anyway, once the 7 days were up and we had to leave the ship I did get a little teary eyed but I can't wait for our next cruise.

Oh, the weather was fantastic when we went. The captain said it was in his top 5 of trips he had ever done. It didn't rain once and was actually as warm as it gets here, in SoCal!

Flying to Alaska! Gracie did great on the plan, both ways.

Waiting for our ship to take off in Seattle. Check out the mountain in the background.

On our way, inside passage

Gracie LOVED her little bed that they made up for her each night!

Jerry enjoying his drink. He better cause they were pretty pricey!

Gracie was in hog heaven, literally! She had bacon every morning and they gave her extra here. :)

Back view from the ship as we arrive into our first port, Juneau

Juneau, AK

I love this picture of Gracie kicking back on the ship!

On the helicopter on the way to the glacier. Gracie was a little nervous and the only thing she said in a high squeaky voice was "Mommy". I was nervous too!

Our first view of the glacier. Isn't it gorgous?

Jerry and Gracie on the glacier. See the water in the background? The guide said we could drink it which Jerry did. I wasn't brave enough to reach over, for fear of falling in!

More glacier pictures

Gracie loved the towel animals that our room steward made for her each night

The below pictures are from our next port in Skagway, AK

In Canada at the Yukon territory.

Emerald Lake which is the most gorgeous lake I've ever seen and I've seen a lot! Believe it or not, some guy from Germany bought this lake a few years ago so it's privately owned. Our guide said he has never seen anybody ever swimming in it.

Sled dogs

This is us at a museum strictly dedicated to taxidermy. It was kind of strange. Don't you like our polar bear impersonation? :)

Even though it was early in the season, we did get to see a momma bear and her two cubs off the side of the road

We took a train back from the Yukon to Skagway and this was some of the scenary

More beautiful train scenary

More to come..............


Karen and Bob said...

Wow! How amazing. Your pictures are fantastic...makes me want to go to Alaska.

William and Bobbie said...

beautiful pics..i love the towel cute is that!

Karen said...

WOW!!! How awesome - what a testimony to God cuz only He could make a something this beautiful! Can't wait to see more.....

Mom of Three said...

That looks like really beautiful country! I have to tell you, you guys look cute in all that winter wear!! What a fun, memorable trip.

Christy said...

Absolutly beautiful!! I soooo want to go. We still have not ruled out going on an alaska crusie for our 15th year anniversary. I totally want to go even that much more after looking at your pics-- too pretty! Did you do norweigen cruise line? Did you have a balcony or outside or insude cabin. We can get an inside cabin for like 499 each. Thats why we are considering going. Also how was the airfare price wise. Did you sail out of washington or Vancouver? sorry for all the qyestions but I have been looking a lot over the last week or so and we need to make a decision if we are going or not.

Talk to you soon


Natalie said...

Looks like sooo much fun! I loved all of the pictures again. What a neat experience.