Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th!!!

Happy 4th of July to everyone here in the United States. :) It was a fun but very long day. We celebrated Jerry's 40th birthday and my brother's 51st which is tomorrow. We had a small gathering of family but it was nice. Gracie's cousin Kevin came over who is so good with Gracie. He took care of her all day, like a little sister, I hardly saw her at all! At night, we had fireworks in our backyard because technically, we aren't supposed to shoot them off but they were the safe and insane, I mean sane ones bought from a fireworks stand in a neighboring city. Poor Gracie and Kevin stayed inside the whole time with Grandma, because they were scared, while us adults acted like giggling kids and watch the show.
Tomorrow, Gracie, Grandpa, and I are leaving for New Jersey to visit family for two weeks. Yikes! What is Jerry going to do with all that alone time? Can you please say some special prayers and good thoughts for a safe flight as I am freaking out because I am not crazy about flying, especially considering the latest events. I will not be blogging while I am gone but will have my camera and of course phone so will be posting on Facebook.
See you in two weeks!

I love this picture. It was taken from my camera phone.

We started with the small slide and....

moved up because Gracie got bored quickly. Not with this one though. She and Kevin were literally in the pool all day.


Kevin and Gracie sharing some bubbles

Jerry made ribs in the smoker

Kevin and Gracie thought it was there birthday so they decided to blow out Frank and Jerry's candles!

Uncle Pete thinks something is funny

Some of the fireworks. This picture cracks me up because Gracie's 15 year old cousin freaked out when the sparks started to fly and this is a picture of her head as she was running into my shot!

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Christy said...

Gracie is so much like Mia-- a total dare devil. I love the slide thing. Mia would have done the same thing. The baby slide is justnot daring enough so you have to go for the bigger and better. I also love the pic from your phone/. She looks absolutly adorbale in her 4th of july dress. Just adorable!