Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Changes for Mommy

I like the title of my post because we have some big things coming up and they mostly effect me. :) One of them is the fact that we went out Sunday and bought Gracie a toddler bed. We decided that for the transition, it was best to change the bed asap instead of waiting until her little brother arrived. I originally had said that I wanted to keep Gracie in her crib as long as possible and I really did but once we got our referral for Brennan, and figured everything out, it made more sense to give Brennan Gracie's crib which does convert to a toddler bed and changing table and buy her a toddler bed and bookcase.

We made a big deal about it and allowed Gracie to pick out the bed (we gave her a choice of 2 that we liked but she doesn't know that) and Jerry put it together last night. I thought I would be okay, I really did and was all excited but once the bed was done and in her room, I started to feel a little sentimental about my baby growing up and all that stuff. It was funny too because when we asked Gracie if she liked her new bed, she said yes but I want my crib and where did it go?!

Needless to say, Gracie slept like a champ last night, mommy not so much as I had visions of her popping out of the bed now that she has the freedom and coming into our room. When I did hear her wake up in the middle of the night, she did the usual thing and put her toy on and went back to sleep. This morning, she actually didn't get out of bed until her usual time of 8am so that was a relief.

It's only the first day so we'll see how it goes. I am still feeling a bit sad about my little girl but I know in my heart that she will ALWAYS be my baby.


Mom of Three said...

Totally cute bed! They stay your babies, even when they are almost as tall as you are!

Karen and Bob said...

What a cute bed! I am glad Gracie did so well with the transition.

William and Bobbie said...

totally cute bed..she looks so proud of her new bed..soon they will all be 3!!!