Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vacations and Stuff

This summer we have been super busy and I can't believe how fast it has flown by. In July, Gracie, my dad and I took a trip to NJ to visit family. A couple of weeks later, we all went camping to Northern CA. Between those two vacations, swimming, water parks, and hanging out with friends, September is almost here. At one point during the summer, I just put down my camera and did not take a lot of pictures nor felt like it, hence the blogging lag. Sometimes I feel like such a slave to that thing but hopefully I am slowly beginning to find my way back to loving it again. :) This coming fall promises to be full of new things with Gracie starting preschool hopefully in September and our good friends from CO coming to visit.

The pictures below are from our recent camping trip. The trip was not the best of ones with tons of things going wrong but I am trying to lift that black cloud and start fresh again. We haven't taken our trailer out in a long time and 7 days without tv was a long time for me but I was able to catch up on my reading and finish my book club read. We also thought of a name for our new son and I am pretty sure we are going to name him Brennan.

Vacations are nice but it's good to be home and I currently have remodeling some of our rooms on my mind. Nothing big but just making our house a home. When Jerry bought this house, it was always in the back of our minds to someday move so I didn't really put a lot of effort into decorating but currently with a new baby on the way, it just doesn't look like it's in the cards for us right now so I want to make this place as cozy as possible. I guess I should start with filling the picture frames with pictures!

Excited to be camping

Poor thing, she said to me, I tired and then proceeded to climb up on the chair and fell alseep in about a minute

Yosemite in the background. Notice the nice blanket Gracie is wearing for a shirt? Poor thing got car sick and threw up all over her dress so Jerry made a fashion statement for Gracie!

Gracie was introduced to scissors or lizards as she kept calling them

Love Gracie's tude

First time fishing

Gracie was the only one who caught a "fish"

Our last day in Tahoe, we went to Sand Harbor Beach which was absolutely gorgeous


Mom of Three said...

It looks beautiful. Sorry that the trip wasn't as good as you had hoped.

Anonymous said...

aaahhhhhh...your nesting!!!! thats cute!!!!