Monday, September 28, 2009

A Busy Day!

Last Saturday was a super busy day for us. First, Gracie and I made a trek up to Los Angeles to meet our good friends Karen and Becky for Disney Live. Karen had extra tickets and asked if we wanted to go and I jumped at the chance because one, Gracie LOVES Becky and two, she LOVES Disney so what a better way to spend the day then with two of her favorite things! :) Disney Live was fantastic and the girls had so much fun bopping, dancing, and jumping around. They especially I think Gracie more so, enjoyed eating the popcorn! Halfway through the show, Becky actually stopped to go potty (Karen is in the middle of potty training) and I was very impressed as Karen has just started training Becky. After the show, Gracie was super tired but didn't fall asleep until we were almost home and then wouldn't go back to sleep which was a bummer because the next thing we had to do was go to her friend Mei Mei's birthday party which was on the opposite end of town.

Mei Mei turned 3 and Gracie also had a blast at her party. It was at a place called Gymboree and was pretty neat. It's kind of like a gym for kids and they got to do all kinds of things. I got some cute pictures of Gracie at the party and yes, she is wearing two separate outfits, as halfway through the party, I realized Gracie's dress was too long so I switched her to a shorter skirt!
Saturday was just a nice day overall and I feel so blessed to have the people around me that I do.

Before the day started, Gracie put her stacking blocks on her hands and feet and scooted over saying "I'm a robot Mommy"! Very clever!

Waiting for Disney Live

I think the girls had the most fun with Tigger bouncing all around

Dancing in the aisle

Aren't they cute?

Mei Mei's party

Gracie loved this balance beam and I think I need to enroll her back into gymnastics

Check out her dancing moves!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dentist Visit

This week, Gracie had her first visit to the dentist. I wasn't sure how she would react since she's only been to the doctor and does not like getting shots (who does) but she did great. When I took Gracie back for her Xrays, the tech was so sweet and nice and explained everything to Gracie and didn't treat her like she didn't understand. It was cute because Gracie kept saying okay, okay, everytime the tech would explain something to her. The tech and the dentist loved Gracie and said she was so cute and was very impressed with how well Gracie could follow directions. They said that a lot of kids, even the older ones have a hard time with the Xrays but Gracie was perfectly still for her. During the Xrays, I met with the dentist who was great and told me that her ancestors are from the same province in China that Gracie is from.

After the Xrays, they cleaned Gracie's teeth but were only able to do the bottom ones as she freaked out a little bit and wouldn't let them finish. I think the noise scared her. The dentist then came into the room and checked Gracie's teeth and put a flouride treatment on them. She declared Gracie cavity free which I was thankful for. Gracie did so well, that they told her she could pick out not 1 but 2 prizes!! Oh, it was super funny too because when we first went back, Gracie told the tech that she didn't want any shots!!!

Catching up on her reading

Uh oh, the chair was starting to go up in the air

Getting ready for her Xray

Yay, a new toothbrush!

Okay, how cool is this? A flat screen on the ceiling for the kids to watch. I want one at my dental offfice!

Getting her teeth cleaned

Cavity free, yay!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day of Preschool

As I had said in one of my earlier posts, fall is coming and bringing a lot of new firsts to our household. One of them is Gracie starting preschool. I went back and forth about whether or not to enroll her and once I got over my fears decided to sign her up. I had originally picked a different school but just didn't feel comfortable with it so changed to the one she is going to now and so far, it seems great!

Last night, was pretty rough on me as I couldn't fall asleep and it felt like it was my first day of school! When morning came, Gracie was super excited and couldn't wait to get to school. After meeting Daddy there, we took some pictures, she kissed me goodbye and off I went. I did say some prayers all day, that things would go okay for her (and me) but when I went to pick her up, I did hear sobbing coming from the classroom and I knew it was my little girl. Ms. Norma, Gracie's teacher, said she had just started crying so my mommy guilt subsided just a little and Ms. Norma thought that the crying might have come from the fact that the kids switched playgrounds for lunch so that little change in schedule could have set it off. I think that it was also because Gracie was just tuckered out as after we got into the car, she fell asleep after about 10 minutes.

I did have a chance to ask Gracie what she did today and she said, sang songs, clapped her hands, rode a bike, painted, and oh, got stuck on the monkey bars where Ms. Norma had to help her! Gracie did tell me that she had fun at school and wants to go back, so I am happy with that.

One more thing, when I picked Gracie up, she had a beautiful painting that she had done. I got so excited seeing that painting because I can't wait to proudly display it on the refrigerator. I'm also going to laminate and date the back of it so I can keep all of her artwork forever!

Ready to go

Gracie really wanted to wear her backback and carry her own lunch

Ms. Norma, Gracie's teacher

Already making friends

Her beautiful painting which she described to Grandpa and I


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grandma's House

Went away for the weekend and Grandma was so kind to watch Gracie for Jerry and I. I received an email this morning, saying how much fun Gracie was having and I had to crack up at the pictures! They totally look like a younger version of Gracie's grandma. It's so funny to see my Chinese daughter with a huge blonde wig on. I do think she looks pretty cute though and ready for Hollywood!

Her serious look

Check out the purple nails!

Saturday, September 05, 2009