Monday, September 28, 2009

A Busy Day!

Last Saturday was a super busy day for us. First, Gracie and I made a trek up to Los Angeles to meet our good friends Karen and Becky for Disney Live. Karen had extra tickets and asked if we wanted to go and I jumped at the chance because one, Gracie LOVES Becky and two, she LOVES Disney so what a better way to spend the day then with two of her favorite things! :) Disney Live was fantastic and the girls had so much fun bopping, dancing, and jumping around. They especially I think Gracie more so, enjoyed eating the popcorn! Halfway through the show, Becky actually stopped to go potty (Karen is in the middle of potty training) and I was very impressed as Karen has just started training Becky. After the show, Gracie was super tired but didn't fall asleep until we were almost home and then wouldn't go back to sleep which was a bummer because the next thing we had to do was go to her friend Mei Mei's birthday party which was on the opposite end of town.

Mei Mei turned 3 and Gracie also had a blast at her party. It was at a place called Gymboree and was pretty neat. It's kind of like a gym for kids and they got to do all kinds of things. I got some cute pictures of Gracie at the party and yes, she is wearing two separate outfits, as halfway through the party, I realized Gracie's dress was too long so I switched her to a shorter skirt!
Saturday was just a nice day overall and I feel so blessed to have the people around me that I do.

Before the day started, Gracie put her stacking blocks on her hands and feet and scooted over saying "I'm a robot Mommy"! Very clever!

Waiting for Disney Live

I think the girls had the most fun with Tigger bouncing all around

Dancing in the aisle

Aren't they cute?

Mei Mei's party

Gracie loved this balance beam and I think I need to enroll her back into gymnastics

Check out her dancing moves!!


William and Bobbie said...

how fun..once again..Leah has the purple sundress too!

Mom of Three said...

Looks like a fun, busy day!