Friday, September 18, 2009

Dentist Visit

This week, Gracie had her first visit to the dentist. I wasn't sure how she would react since she's only been to the doctor and does not like getting shots (who does) but she did great. When I took Gracie back for her Xrays, the tech was so sweet and nice and explained everything to Gracie and didn't treat her like she didn't understand. It was cute because Gracie kept saying okay, okay, everytime the tech would explain something to her. The tech and the dentist loved Gracie and said she was so cute and was very impressed with how well Gracie could follow directions. They said that a lot of kids, even the older ones have a hard time with the Xrays but Gracie was perfectly still for her. During the Xrays, I met with the dentist who was great and told me that her ancestors are from the same province in China that Gracie is from.

After the Xrays, they cleaned Gracie's teeth but were only able to do the bottom ones as she freaked out a little bit and wouldn't let them finish. I think the noise scared her. The dentist then came into the room and checked Gracie's teeth and put a flouride treatment on them. She declared Gracie cavity free which I was thankful for. Gracie did so well, that they told her she could pick out not 1 but 2 prizes!! Oh, it was super funny too because when we first went back, Gracie told the tech that she didn't want any shots!!!

Catching up on her reading

Uh oh, the chair was starting to go up in the air

Getting ready for her Xray

Yay, a new toothbrush!

Okay, how cool is this? A flat screen on the ceiling for the kids to watch. I want one at my dental offfice!

Getting her teeth cleaned

Cavity free, yay!!!


Christy said...

No cavities-- wow is that a venture from Mias first dentist visit-- wow!! Cant wait to see you on sunday at the chinese place

William and Bobbie said...

yeah no cavities!! leah loves the dentist and the tv on the ceiling..what genius came up with that and how do i install it in my bedroom