Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday

Today is Gracie's birthday. I can't believe that my little baby is 3 years old! Maybe it's my imagination, but she seemed older today. I took her to Disneyland this morning because now that she is 3, she no longer gets in free so I had to buy her a pass. Disneyland is offering a free ticket to people on their birthdays and if you live in SoCal, you can apply the amount of the free ticket to a pass so I had to go today. Disneyland was actually crowded considering that it's a rainy day here but Gracie and I easily got on all the rides that she wanted.

Each time Gracie's birthday comes around, I especially think of her birth parents and family in China. I wonder if they are thinking of her today and I prayed this morning that somehow, Gracie's birthmom could feel some peace and know that her daughter is safe, happy, and much loved.

Happy birthday Gracie girl! Mommy and Daddy love you very much and you will always be my little baby. :)


Ashlee said...

Happy Birthday my sweet friend Gracie! We love your gentle spirit and your lovely smile!!!

Karen & Becky

Karen and Bob said...

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Mom of Three said...

It looks like a very fun birthday! Happy Birthday again, from all of us out here!
PS...Love the new blog!