Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Princess Celebration

When the Bs. came out to visit, we went to Disneyland on Monday to celebrate B.s birthday as that very day was her 3rd birthday. Both girls wore their Cinderella princess dresses and looked so cute! We ended up staying at Disneyland all day and got to watch the fireworks which were awesome! During the month of October, Disneyland really does it up for Halloween and has the whole park decked out with pumpkins and all types of Halloween things. The fireworks show is also a special one and Halloween themed too. I was worried that Gracie was going to freak out as in the past, she has hated fireworks but when it was time to watch the show, she watched them all and at the end told us that she liked them. She even said she was a big girl now and wasn't afraid of the fireworks! It was very cute!

Gracie with M. lurking behind the tree

Tinkerbell and Gracie admiring Gracie's Hello Kitty ring

The two princess'!!!

Not sure what happened to my camera but Gracie and B. with Snow White

The B. family watching the fireworks

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