Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Last night we carved our first pumpkin or rather Jerry carved Gracie's first pumpkin. We haven't done it the last couple of years since Gracie was too young to really know what was going on but now that she is 3, she gets it and was super excited. Gracie had already picked out the pumpkin carving kit from Walmart and told Jerry that she wanted the skeleton pattern. She has this thing about skeletons and loves them! Jerry opened the pumpkin and when he asked Gracie if she wanted to help clean out the pumpkin, Gracie took one look at the guts and freaked out. She wouldn't even touch them when they were outside of the pumpkin! We finally coaxed her to help with the seeds and she even attempted to scrape out the pumpkin but her little hand barely went inside. The best part of the night for her, was eating the roasted pumpkin seeds which she loved. A girl after my own ♥ !
Happy Halloween!!

I love this picture!

Gracie and her BFF Becky at the Halloween concert last week

So excited to carve the pumpkin

Intently watching Jerry

Freaking out when it was time to clean out the guts

Helping with the seeds

" Helping" Daddy scrape the pumpkin. That's as far as her hand got into the pumpkin's insides.

In case you can't tell, it's a skeleton

The best part, the seeds!


Mom of Three said...

It looks like they had a lot of fun. What a cute little bee!

Christy said...

Great pics and love the crying one with the guts- too funny- that was mias favorite part- she loved digging into the guts. I absolutly love love love the first pic. Gracie looks sooooo darn cute!! Hope all is well!

Christy :)