Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

I'm trying to catch up on my October posts as life has been so busy lately! I still have my Legoland pictures which are really from September and Mickey's Trick or Treat party. Hopefully I can post those soon. So a couple weeks ago, Gracie and I met Becky, her BFF and Becky's mommy Karen at the pumpkin patch. The girls had a lot of fun running around the patch, going in the jumper, and picking their own pumpkins and us mommies had a good time too! After the patch, we had a nice lunch in the park and the girls got to play on the swings. I feel so blessed that we have people in our life like Karen and Becky as they are such great people.

On a sad note, Jerry had to put his dog to sleep today. Woofie actually started as Jerry's dog and then evolved to be his sisters after Jerry moved out. It was a sad day as Jerry and I went to the pound together many years ago and both brought home dogs. Domino my dog, is living at my dad's house and has a mass on her leg but she somehow still gets around. Anyway, if you can say some prayers for Jerry and our family, that would be nice.

Ready to pick pumpkins

Becky and Gracie or should I say the kitty and the witch!

Too cute!

Jumping around

I love this picture!

Gracie found her pumpkin

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