Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Not so Good News

I wasn't sure if I was going to post anything but after reading a wonderful blog from someone who went through the same situation, I decided to go ahead. Today, we received some devastating news from Korea regarding Brennan's medical situation. While I don't feel like going into specifics at this time as we don't have all of the medical testing, I can say that Brennan has gone from being a healthy little boy, to needing an MRI to find out how serious his medical situation is. I have had every emotion there can be today and right now am trying to let go and let God. Jerry and I have no control over what is going on right now and I have to know that it is truly out of our hands and into God's. Brennan will have his MRI on the 10th of November and if you can keep him in your prayers please, that would be wonderful. After that date, we should have more information and where to proceed from there.

I borrowed the follow from the blog I was telling you about and it has really helped me put things into perspective:

From Anxiety to Peace

Remind Yourself That God Is In Control: When you convince yourself that your world is out of control, you are on the verge of paralysis. Watch your self-talk. Are you saying to yourself: “God is in control of this circumstance, He is my Father, and He is ruling this for my benefit”?

Accept Confusion: Believing in God’s sovereignty doesn’t mean life will make sense. Believing in God’s sovereignty is needed because life doesn’t make sense. Your rest is not in figuring out your circumstances–your rest is in the God behind the circumstances.

Don’t Allow Emotions To Rule: As much as the emotions you experience will be right, good, and appropriate, don’t let them set the agenda. There is a temptation to do that, but allowing yourself to be pulled away by the emotions of the moment could cause you to regret your decisions later.

Distinguish Needs From Wants: Be very careful what you put in your catalog of “need.” The minute you tell yourself something is a need, you’re saying it is essential for life. Then you are going to determine that you can’t live without it. It’s easy to attach yourself and your sense of security to the gift rather than to the Giver.

Know Your Job Description: God promises to provide. Your job is to live the way God has called you to live. Instead of giving way to discouragement, look for ways you can contribute to God’s people at the moment.

Run To God, Not Away From Him: God’s promise to us is not first the relief of the suffering–His promise is to give us Himself. He will never turn a deaf ear to the natural cries of a person of faith when life doesn’t make sense. God hears and answers and works and comforts.

-Summarized by Tullian Tchividjian (via Susan Fiske) Taken from Paul Tripp’s six actions steps for combating anxiety.


Karen said...

We are praying that the great physician will provide physical healing for Brennan and will comfort you through this time.

Christy said...

I am praying for you guys right now and am praying for your little man that what needs to be seen is seen and that clarity will come to the doctors and those taking care of Brennan. I am praying for you and Jerry as well-- trust!

Big hugs!!

Christy :)

Mom of Three said...

We are all praying for you. Hang in there!

William and Bobbie said...

im hope good news comes soon!