Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3 Year Check-Up

Gracie had her 3 year doctor's appointment today. She is doing great and is 38.5" tall and weighs 34 pounds. I think she's a little taller because she was kind of scrunched down and is the same height as her friend B. who was 39" at her doctor's appointment. The doctor said Gracie is very verbal which we all know (takes after Grandma :)) and healthy, yay! Gracie did get two shots today and was not happy with me at all! She kept asking for Daddy who had to leave a meeting and call Gracie so she would feel better which she did after talking to him. My peditrician was very patient and answered all types of questions that I had regarding Brennan and as soon as I get results and hard copies of those, I will be taking them to the neurologist that Gracie's doctor reccommended.

I can't believe that Gracie is growing so quickly and is already 3. She is a smart, funny, girl with an outgoing personality. She remembers everything and unfortunately, is sometimes a parrot! Gracie loves to draw and build things with Legos and blocks. She also loves to sing. Gracie is very compassionate and intiutive and likes to make sure that everyone is okay. In the picture below, Gracie was showing me her vampire fangs that she made out of an apple. She had bit out the center of the apple and then turned it around so it was sticking out like fangs and said "vampire" and hissed. She learned about the vampire part from one of her favorite shows, "Max and Ruby" but gets very creative with her fangs.


William and Bobbie said...

what a cutie...gracie and B are 4 inches taller than Leah!..i cant believe they are all turning 3..seems like we were just in China to bring them home :)

Mom of Three said...

She is sooo funny! I miss her bubbling personality!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog since you posted it on Rumor Queen. I have a daughter Madeleine with the exact same DOB as Gracie. We adopted her from Chongqing is July 07. I enjoy seeing all of Gracie's pictures.I hope everything is going well with Brennan. My middle daughter has complex medical problems and she and Madeleine are best friends and sisters. They love to play together. I don't have a blog but, if you want to email me

Linda Lau