Sunday, November 29, 2009

Giving Back

This year, the Lucky Mommy's decided that we would start to teach our kids about the true gift of Christmas which is giving back to those less fortunate than we are. Here in SoCal, especially in Orange County, there is a lot of materialism involved. Having been born and raised here, I have seen my fair share of people who have the fake boobs, lips, newest gadgets, etc. Yes I drive an SUV and have a Blackberry but my parents taught me about compassion and I could care less about what size my jeans are.

One of our mommy's, Karen, told us about a really great program called Operation Christmas Child. With this program you get a shoebox from them and then fill it with anything you want. You can then pay the $7 for shipping and track your box to its destination. If you choose, you can include a picture and your address and sometimes the kids write back! Some of the boxes stay in the US and also go all over the world. For some of these kids, this is the only Christmas present that they will receive. We had a girl from Jordan come speak at our church and tell us how much her box meant to her. She is an adult now but still has some of the items from the box she received. Her story gave me the chills. It's not too late to donate a box. You can click on the link above or the picture in my sidebar.

The Lucky Mommys met last week and we took the kids shopping. It was a very moving experience and a wonderful tradition that we will do year after year.

We walked through the mall to get to get to the store and Santa was there. He was so kind and gave all the kids candy canes.

Getting ready to shop! From left to right, Kailee, Gracie, Becky and Ryan. I had to add this picture because Kailee and Gracie look so forlorn.

The kids proudly displaying their boxes

Michelle (blonde) and Karen filling up their boxes

Karen filling her box with Gracie and Becky hanging on for dear life!

Ryan was very proud of the items that he got!


William and Bobbie said...

what a great and fun thing to do..thanks for the link.

btw..can u tell me how u change your blog..its adorable every season!

Mom of Three said...

First of all love the blog!! Second...I saw this on our latest Veggie Tale DVD. It looks like a great project. BTW the DVD was who Santa Clause really is and how he is tied to Christ. I really liked how they brought it back around to the true meaning of Christmas.