Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Ours was a quiet small one. For some reason, I was a little bit sad today and not sure why. This year, I decided to try cooking the turkey and being the total control freak that I am, I had to do all my research on turkeys, so mine would turn out perfectly. I watched Martha, Rachael, Emeril, and all those famous cooks who don't use last names because they don't have to. One said to brine, one said no stuffing, yes tie the legs, no you don't, ahhhhh! My head was going to exploid with all the information given. I finally decided to go to my trusty website, allrecipes and found some good info. on there and followed that. At the last moment, I was calling up Bed, Bath and Beyond to see if they carried brining bags because I just HAD to brine my turkey as everyone raved that it would be moist if I did.

So last night had Jerry and I, almost in a comical situation, attempting to get the turkey in the brining bag without all the water spilling out and then realizing that we didn't have enough room in the fridge so out came the cooler and Jerry had to run to the store for ice but we finally got that darn turkey into the cooler and brined. This morning was even more funny while I read the directions to Jerry on how and where to insert that darn thermometer. We finally figured it out with a little help from a google image picture.

The turkey turned out great even though it doesn't look so in the picture below and everything else was yummy too! I already have plans for next year's turkey. :)

Even though you can't tell what it is, Gracie made this turkey in ceramic's class

Having a blast as usual, with Uncle Peter

Gracie loves Grandpa

The turkey looks kind of gross in this picture

Yay, a picture with me in it!

Gracie enjoying my homemade pumpkin pie

Who else would crawl under the table but Uncle Peter?

Poor Gracie didn't have a nap today and was so exhausted halfway through dinner, that she went to her room and this is how I found her asleep!


Mom of Three said...

It looks like a wonderful day!

Elizabeth said...

how and i had the same thanksgiving decorations...the turkey table cloth was so cute..i got the plates to match!