Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Pictures

I took Gracie to Target last week for her Christmas pictures. She loves getting her picture taken by the professionals. This is only her second time going to a "real" studio instead of me taking her picture for the millionth time and she did really well! The photographer loved her and said I should put her into modeling, ha ha! I'm sure they tell everyone that! :) The quality isn't the best as these pictures are scanned ones because I forgot to buy a disk but Target did a really good job, much better than I expected. Gracie is such a joyful child and is always happy and smiling. She has such a beautiful soul, not only inside but out too.

Oh, if you are wondering whose those Santa hands belong to, why me of course! They put me in this contraption where it's just the Santa sleeves with the gloves and they wrap around your neck. It felt a little weird but look very real in the picture. ;)


Christy said...

OK, those are awesome pictures!!! I love them!!! Her smile is just addicting and joyful she is! They did a great job!


Karen said...

So cute!!! They did a great job!

William and Bobbie said...

great pics!..i dont think my target has a studio :(...and trust they wouldnt tell my leah to takes an army of people acting goofy to get her to smile for a

Mom of Three said...

Her eyes just sparkle in every picture! Very sweet!