Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Friends Are Going to China!!

My good friend Karen from my Lucky Mom's group and her daughter Becky, Gracie's BFF are leaving for China tonight to get Katie, Karen's daughter and Becky's new sister! I am so excited and can't wait to meet Katie. Jerry and I were reminiscing this afternoon with Gracie and watched her coming home video again. Gracie asked if she could go to China and I told her that when she gets older, we would go.

If you could please keep our friends in your prayers that they have a safe flight, journey, transition, and homecoming. Here is the link to Karen's blog if you are interested in following the journey to Katie, Casa de Alegria.

We had a mini-shower for Katie but my pictures turned out all blurry. Maybe if you look at them cross eyed, they will look okay. :( Hubby just told me that I had the camera on manual instead of automatic, oops.

Karen and Becky, sorry for the blur.

Those mall trains can be wild and crazy!

Fancy shoes

Uh oh, I think we're in trouble!

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