Friday, February 26, 2010


This year we celebrated Chinese New Year on a different day then the actual event. With 7 of us trying to coordinate our schedules, it ended up working out that we celebrated a week later which worked out better since CNY ended up falling on Valentine's Day this year. Since we live in a highly populated Asian area, the most outside of Vietnam to be exact, Gracie and I took a trip to the Asian Garden Mall to get our token gifts for all the kids and to find Gracie a new dress. It was really crowded when we went as CNY was just a week before and it seemed like everyone had taken the day off of work or lack of. Gracie picked out a beautiful traditional Vietnamese outfit which is fine by me as she already has a couple of Chinese dresses and the best part is it was relatively cheap, at least cheaper than flying all the way to China.

My friend Karen picked out a nice Chinese restaurant and learning from prior year's mistakes, we got a private room WITH doors that closed so the kids could be locked away I mean not run away. Last year, Jerry was very appalled at the fact that the kids were playing right in front of the bathroom doors where the restaurant patrons were walking in and out of the bathroom and combine that with the fact that I don't think the restaurant would want us back anyway after having 5 screaming kids running around, this new restaurant was a great choice. :)

PS~ The loud drums at the end of the night really weren't my fault. Gracie picked out the drums as presents for her friends and I did wait until after dinner to give them to the kids.

My beautiful girl

Ring around the Rosy

This picture is a miracle in itself that they sat still at all. The kids are color coordinated by row too which of course we planned that way. ;0

The quiet before the storm.

Beautiful Katie! It's hard to believe that she has only been home a month from China.

WOW, who are those beautiful women you ask? Why that would be the Lucky Mommys. Usually we are hiding behind the camera, not in front of it.

The dads aren't half bad either!

Jerry my husband the comic, entertained the kids by making the balloon fart. They just thought it was the funniest thing and if his current job situation doesn't work out, he is available for weekend parties.

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