Friday, February 12, 2010

Gracie's Got Rhythm

Gracie loves to sing and talk. It seems like she is either talking, singing or doing both! Everywhere we go, she has to talk to everyone and loves asking them their name, or what are they doing. People seem to love talking to her although I wouldn't mind a little peace and quiet every once in a while and they just get a kick out of it! She once told the bagger at the grocery store to move faster! When we went to her 3 year check-up in November, the pediatrician said that Gracie's verbal skills were amazing for her age and I hear that quite frequently from a lot of people. They actually think Gracie is older than she is because of how well she speaks.

When Gracie was little, Jerry taught her how to play air instruments in the car while songs were playing on the radio. Jerry would strum the guitar, while Gracie played the piano or some other imaginary instrument. It was quite amazing because Gracie would hear an instrument on the radio such as a flute, tell me what instrument it was and pretend to play it. As she started to learn the words to her favorite songs, she would play her drum and play the beat to the song while singing. I finally unlazed myself and caught her singing and drumming out the beat to some songs she loves to sing. She definitely did not get this talent from me as I tried out for choir in 5th grade and didn't make it so my mom had to go to the school and beg for them to let me in. :)

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Karen said...

I love it!!! SIgn her up for "The Band"! I also now know where Becky learned the phrase "how about...."

Natalie said...

Love it! What a cutie she is.

Angela said...

Very cute! She does have good rhythm. :-)

Elizabeth said...

so cute...gracie needs to play with andrew more so he will learn to talk....hahahaha!!!

Mom of Three said...

Her rhythm is awesome! Oh, how I wish I could teach her piano!!!

Donna said...

I love how she taps out every syllable. So cute!

Thanks for the tips (on my blog) about where to go in Tahoe in the summer. We're really excited about going back. I think the snow covered beach was "Sand Harbor". Under that snow, there was lots of sand!


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Karen and Bob said...

So darn cute! :)