Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Gracie's new brother Kyle! We received our referral back in early December but because of what happened with our first referral, I was very nervous to post anything about our new son. It was so difficult emotionally after having to withdraw from our first referral, that I would hold my breath and get very anxious everytime we got a new baby check from our agency in regards to Kyle. So far, Kyle has been very healthy and I feel very relieved. He is a very tall boy, in the 76% on the American height charts, which fits in perfectly with our family as Gracie is very tall too. Kyle also weighed around 19.5 pounds at 9 months old which was the last update we received.

Kyle's birthday is May 23rd and we hope to have him home in time for his first birthday. Unfortunately, there has been a hold up with the EPs (Emmigration Permits) and what should normally have taken between 3-5 weeks for approval now has us going on an 8 week wait for approval and counting. We have also decided to travel to Korea instead of escorting as was our original plan and we are very excited. Gracie I think is the most excited and keeps saying that her baby is in Korea and she wants to take a plane and get her little brother.

I was originally going to create two blogs, one for Kyle and one for Gracie but after much thought, I have decided to keep only this blog. Not sure if I am going to change the name or not yet though. :) Oh, I am wayyyy behind in blogging so get prepared to see tons of pictures within the next couple of weeks!

This is the most recent picture we received on Kyle and it was taken in February. The picture in my side bar was his original referral picture.