Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Day Home

We made it home, yay! The plane flight was not my favorite. Not because of Kyle and Gracie. They were both champs as Gracie settled in to watch the shows on the monitor and then fell asleep and Kyle fell asleep during taking off, slept for three hours and then went back down before landing. Nope, it wasn't the kids, it was me. I do not and I mean do not like to fly. Even with my drugs, there was some pretty bad turbulance that had me grabbing Jerry's hand so hard, he lost feeling. After we finally landed, we waited until the plane was almost empty to get our tons of stuff and go. I think we had more stuff coming home then going! We finally made our way through immigration to where we were told that we had to go to the line for foreigners. We waited in line with all of our passport information and it was finally our turn. Gee, I almost felt like I was trying to get into the state of Arizona. :)

My good friend Karen and my dad were waiting for us at the airport. Karen had brought us dinner and has it organized where my friends are going to bring us dinners for a week or so which is awesome. After saying our goodbyes to Karen, we put Kyle in his car seat. His foster mom said he likes riding in the car but had never been in a car seat. I said a little prayer as Jerry buckled Kyle in and he did great on the ride home!!

Last night, I rocked Kyle to sleep and put him in his crib as I am transitioning him to sleep in it. He's always slept with his foster mom but we have a tiny house and our room is so small that we don't have space for a crib and when Jerry goes back to work, he wakes up super early and Kyle moves all over the place. Anyway, Kyle slept until around 12:50am and woke up crying. I gave him a bottle and rocked him but he was so uncomfortable that I finally moved to the office couch. Kyle did fall asleep around 3AM and I put him back in his crib until he slept until 7:40ish. I brought him in our bed where Gracie lay sleeping as she had a rough that had Jerry reading to her until 3am also! About 10am, I heard a loud thump and sat up fearing one of the kids had fallen out of bed. Not sure how possible as they were between us. Yes, it was the big kid, Jerry who had fallen out of the bed. See no room, that is why we don't co-sleep. :) The kids finally woke up super late this morning around 11 or 12ish.

Today, Kyle did great and Jerry took him to Grandma's house while Gracie and I went to get our dog Wrigley. Kyle was introduced to Wrigley and was unsure of him but started to warm up. I would be unsure too of an 80 pound black dog! .

Tomorrow is a new day and we'll see what it brings.

Getting ready to board our flight in Seoul

The kids fell sleep passed out on the way home from the airport.

The famous DO NOT OPEN brown envelope!

I have this same picture from 3 years ago when we brought Gracie home except they've remodeled since.

Three years ago with Gracie

Here we come!

Grandpa's first look at Kyle

We came home to this surprise, thanks Karen!!!

Playing today, Kyle loves books just like mommy

What's a post without Princess Gracie?!

Getting some sunshine


Karen and Bob said...

So cute! I can't wait to see you guys.

Christy said...

What a happy little guy!! Totally smiling and happy. I love that!! I am so happy you guys made it home safe and sound. I cant wait to see you guys. Lets get together soon.

Christy :)

Kimberly and Ed said...

Welcome home! Kyle looks so happy and the last picture of him and Gracie is precious.

Angela said...

Welcome home! That last picture of Gracie and Kyle is adorable! So happy for you!

Mom of Three said...

Kyle looks so at ease and happy! Gracie looks happy to be home as well! Glad things went smoothly and you are home safe and sound.

Karen said...

Nice to have you home!!! Praying the sleep stuff gets worked out - welcome to full on jet lag!!