Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday to our special boy. Jerry made this video shortly after we came home. It's simply beautiful and will make you cry. We love you our precious boy and are so happy that our prayers were answered and we could be with you on this very special day. My heart aches for your birth mom as I know how much she wanted to keep you but circumstances would not allow for it. Prayers are for her on this day that she has peace and comfort and somehow knows that you are much loved. Prayers for your foster mom too as I know she is thinking of you too on this special day.

PS~ For some reason, the video cuts off so sorry for that. :)

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my3 kids said...

What a beautiful little boy Kyle is. His big sister is so pretty too. We enjoyed following your journey to Kyle (love the name btw. Our son is Kyle as well) We are so happy he is finally home with his forever family. xoxo


Christy said...

That was beautiful!!! It brought tears of joy!! I am so happy for you guys- I cant belive how great your little man is doing-- amazing!!! Not sure if you checked our blog, but we will be adding a new little one in the next year as well-- so this video really moved me!

Hugs and would love to do disney soon!

Christy :)

Karen and Bob said...

Happy Birthday Kyle!

Elizabeth said...

wow...that video was amazing...jerry should go into the business!!!!

Mom of Three said...

So beautiful! He is such a special little guy. Happy Birthday Kyle!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful video!! Congratulations again! He is such a sweet and beautiful little boy. We feel so blessed to have had the chance to meet your family in Korea!!!
TJ and Sarah

G's Momma said...

Loved the video! Kyle is such a little sweetie.