Monday, May 17, 2010

Leaving Soul

I had a whole long post carefully planned out but when it came time to type it, I am at a loss for words. We are leaving Seoul today and I feel the same way as when we left China. So grateful to this country to allow me the privilege of being called mommy again. Korea is beautiful and I don't know when we will be back again but I feel lucky that I was able to see the country of my child's birth. I hope that when Kyle looks at the pictures as he grows older, he is able to see how beautiful Korea truly is and love it just as much.

I love my children so much, more so than I ever thought could be possible and I have been waiting a very long time to say this. Gracie made us a family and Kyle completed it.


Mom of Three said...

...and what a beautiful family you are! Safe travels home!

Anonymous said...

Tanya, you said that beautifully! We are so happy for you all! Love from Michelle & Ryan

Angela said...

Just got in town from vacation and I'm catching up on your posts!

We are so happy to see Kyle in your arms! Congratulations and have a safe trip home!

Karen said...

beautifully said - so awesome to see you all together - and in person this morning!

Joanne said...

Hi there. You guys and gals look content and happy, CONGRATULATIONS to Tanya, Jerry and Gracie! I am so happy for you all. Kyle is a cutie even has Jerrys hairline...what more could you ask for...LOL Maybe I could fly out for a visit after you all have had some time together as a family and Kyle has had a chance to adjust to home in California. Miss you guys... Stay well.