Friday, May 14, 2010

Lotte World!!!

Yesterday which was Friday, we decided to take the kids to a place called Lotte World. When I was doing my research on Korea, I saw that they had a couple of amusement parks and I chose this one because it's kid friendly and according to reviews, Korea's answer to Disneyland. Well, since we are season pass holders to Disneyland, how could I pass up a trip to the world's largest indoor amusement park in Korea?!

We went to the front desk to ask for directions via the subway as they told us that a taxi would take a very long time due to traffic jams. Here in Korea, there is a ton and I mean a ton of traffic no matter what time the day and we didn't want to sit in a cab that long. We had experience with the subway the day before so I felt okay taking it. Korea's subway system is pretty easy to navigate, once you are able to figure out where the handicap elevators are as we had the stroller and which way the signs were pointing for the trains. It's super nice too because in Korea, they have signs in Korean and then English. We only got lost a couple of times, not on the subway but trying to find where the next train was to take. Also, one thing that Jerry and I noticed is the subways are super clean, unlike New York (sorry).

We made it to Lotte World and bought our tickets. The tickets were normally 35,0000 won or $35 US dollars but for some reason , the girl gave us a discount, only charging Jerry and I $20 per ticket and no charge for Gracie. We thought that was really nice of her. The inside of the park was pretty neat. The first ride that we hit was the carousel ride which we all went on. Throughout the few hours we spent there, Kyle was really observant and didn't cry. He seemed to like it which is great since we go to Disneyland a lot. Jerry and I felt like we were really immersed in the Korean culture as we only saw maybe 1 or 2 other caucasian people at the park.

After we left Lotte World and came back to the hotel, we decided to give the kids a bath to which Kyle was not that thrilled with and then order pizza from Pizza Hut. Gotta tell you, the pizza tastes exactly the same as at home. An interesting tidbit, the pizza came with sweet pickles on the side. For some reason, Koreans like to serve sweet pickles with their meals.

After dinner, we put Gracie and Kyle down for an early bedtime. Kyle fell asleep pretty easily but after about two hours or so, he woke up and started to grieve. I had Jerry make Kyle a bottle but he did not want to take it. I just kept holding him and patting his back until he said mama which someone told me (thanks Jamey) means food in Korean so I gave Kyle the bottle. He cried for about 15 more minutes and kept calling out for his Omma (foster mom) until he fell back to sleep. Kyle did wake up a few times in the night but I just patted him and he went back to sleep. As I am typing this at 7:45am, Kyle is still sleeping.

All in all, I would say yesterday was a success. Kyle's personality is coming out more and more and he truly is a happy, calm baby. He is easy going and loves to observe things. We got lots of smiles out of him yesterday which was awesome! Gracie loves her brother and has been doing very well. She gets very concerned when Kyle cries and wants to know what's wrong with him. When she gets tired at night, she does get a little jealous and doesn't want her brother to touch her things but that's okay as a lot has been thrown at her. It's going to take time and small baby steps but we will get there. When I woke up this morning at 4am and saw my little boy sleeping next to me and my little girl sleeping at the foot of the bed, as Gracie likes to say, my heart smiled.

PS~ Jerry and I noticed a lot of people staring at us yesterday. It wasn't that bad when we had just Gracie but now that we have 2 kids and I am carrying Kyle, I guess we stand out more. It didn't bother me as people are just curious and I am used to it from having been in China. People have been very positive with us and say what beautiful children we have and I agree. :)

I couldn't resist these shirts and Gracie was very proud of hers.

Yes, we have to take pictures of funny shop names. We did the same thing in China. This was actually a candy shop.

First look at Lotte World

Poor Jerry had to take a self portrait

I love this picture!

Entertaining her brother

Welcome to Disneyland, I mean Lotte World

One of the wonderful smiles we got yesterday

Korea's version of Snow White. Never mind the fact that she is blonde, a mannequin and the dwarfs looked more like elves. Jerry and I were cracking up over this scene.

Another picture I love. Despite the fact that they are from different countries, it's just a bunch of kids having a blast!


Karen said...

Your kids are so stinkin' cute!!!Love the idea of all of you sleeping together right now - so sweet!

Anonymous said...

I love Kyle's smile - it's enough to just melt your heart! I am sorry that you all had a rough night, but that is to be expected with all the changes he is going through right now. As you already know, as time goes on he will blossom and you will really start to see your beautiful son. Ry's foster mom had a really hard time as well, and Ryan was comatose for the better part of a week. He is already learning that you are there for him and that he can trust you. It makes me so happy to see your pictures - thanks for sharing this special time in your life with us. Can't wait to see you when you all get home!
Love from Michelle & Ryan

Kimberly and Ed said...

I am so happy that you got some smiles from Kyle. Love the shirts - very cute! We didn't go to Lotte World, but if we decide to adopt again, we will have to go:-)

Natalie said...

Tanya, WOW have I been out of the loop!
Congratulations on the special little boy that God has blessed your family with!

Mom of Three said...

It does sound like a better day yesterday! What a fun little park to go to, and what memories for Gracie. Your little family is so cute and I LOVE the shirts!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos of the kids, they are so adorable.

Karen and Bob said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Kyle is just too adorable...Gracie too, but we've known that for a while!

Anonymous said...

We cracked up over Snow White too. It is hysterical. Congratulations on your beautiful family.

Cheryl in Iowa