Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rough Night

Well, the grieving has begun. I had a feeling that it would happen at night time and it did. Kyle took a bottle and fell asleep while drinking it so I put him down. About 45 minutes later, he woke up and was pretty much inconsolable for about 2 hours, maybe a little less. Let me tell you, that boy has a set of lungs on him!!! All we could do was hold him and walk around or look out the window so he could see the street cars below. It broke our hearts to see him grieving so but I know that it is part of the process. Jerry finally got the brilliant idea (in his mind, not so much mine) to put down a comforter on the floor in the small bedroom and have Kyle and I lay on it for sleeping (thanks dear) while he slept in the other bed with Gracie in the other room.

Even after laying down, Kyle still continued to cry and I finally just had to let go and give it over to God. I prayed for Kyle, myself, Jerry, and Gracie and after about 2 minutes, Kyle put his head on my chest and would occasionally lift it to cry but couldn't muster the strength and finally fell asleep! I did the same, the best I could considering that I was freezing and laying on a hard floor, something I haven't done since having a slumber party but whatever I have to do for my boy, I will. :) Kyle slept restlessly for about 5 hours and then woke up crying. I FINALLY figured out that to comfort him, as he liked having me pat his bottom or back really fast as he would settle quickly when I did that. He was still restless until about 5am when the sun started to come up and then he fell into a deep sleep and I was able to climb okay more like crawl onto the bed and catch a couple of zzzzs.

Kyle is awake now and calm. Jerry, my awesome hubby is giving him a bottle. Jerry told me that Gracie woke up this morning and was sad that Kyle and I weren't in the room and wanted to know if we gave him back. She has such a sweet spirit and is so concerned about her brother.

Anyway, thank you all for the prayers and well wishes as they truly mean so much to me. Today we might try to hit Lotte World which is a huge amusement type indoor park.

Love to you all!!!


Mom of Three said...

I'm so sorry that it was a rough night and you are in our prayers, all of you!

Karen said...

Praying for Kyle - so glad that you found a way to comfort him. May the Lord guide you in your new role as his mommy

my3 kids said...

Kyle is a beautiful little guy and we are praying for him as well as your family. Gracie is super sweet. Enjoying following your family's journey.


Karen and Bob said...

So sorry you had a rough night. Like you said, it shows how much he was loved.