Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We're Here and First Night!

We made it and I am exhausted. Actually, we all are! It's 8pm here so 4am CA time which means we have been up for a very long time. The flight was uneventful and I actually really enjoyed myself. It was kind of like a vacation in itself as there were tons of movies (I watched 3), games and other items and I got fed and didn't even have to do the dishes. Gracie was awesome on the plane as usual because she is a great flyer and she loved the kids channel as she watched Princess and the Frog 2 times and Snow White once! What was I thinking by bringing 2 dvd players?? The last hour and a half really dragged though and I was kind of jumpy because we had a bit of turbulence and I also think my Xanax had worn off by then. :)

When we arrived and got to the airport, Gracie wanted to know where her little brother was, lol. We had to explain to her that we have to wait a couple of days for him. We had no trouble finding our way through the airport and found the van driver right away. Our hotel, The Somerset is awesome!!! Holy cow, our room is bigger than our house! I especially can't wait to take a bath in the sunken tub.

Tomorrow we are going to do a tour so I better hit the hay. It's only 8pm here but that's okay as we are getting thrown right into the new time change.

Hugs to everyone and thank you SO much for all the prayers as I felt them all the way up in the air.

I highly recommend Korean Air

At the airport in Korea. I am so proud that I only packed 2 bags. They were overweight but the Korean Air employee waived the fees! Did I mention they rock?!

Our greeter

Checking in

Hotel room living room

Kitchen area

Kitchen with a refrigerator and washing machine

Gracie's separate bedroom. Yeah right, she is sleeping in the other room with us.

One of the 2 bathrooms with a shower only and bench to sit on

Our room

Hallway leading into the second bathroom off our room

Can't wait to hit that tub!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see this post and to know that you arrived safely (I knew you would ;)! Enjoy your time, and rest now!!

~ Jamey

P.S. Aren't you glad you went w/ Korean Air? They are AWESOME!!

Karen said...

YEAH!!! Answered prayers for your travel over! The room looks great :)

Hope you have a great day touring...can't wait to hear more!

Karen, Doug, Katie, & Becky

Mom of Three said...

Yeah, a great flight and an awesome hotel room! What a great start to your adventure!!

Christy said...

So happy you got there safe and sound. Wonderful. I cant wait to see you get your little boy in your arms. Big hugs!!!

Christy :)

Karen and Bob said...

Following your journey from Maui! So glad your plane ride was smooth. I can't wait to see Kyle in your arms!

William and Bobbie said...

wow look at that hotel room! glad you had a great flight..cant wait to see the tour pics