Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kyle's DOL

I was recently informed by one of my good friends, who shall remain nameless but you know who you are, that I am not blogging enough! So I decided that I guess it's about time that I posted pictures from Kyle's DOL (1st birthday party). It really hasn't been that long since these photos were taken, just a couple okay maybe 3 weeks give or take. The party did take place in June so technically, I am still good.

A DOL is a big celebration that happens in Korea. Back in the day, which I am not exactly sure when but it sounds cool writing it, there was a high mortality rate for infants in Korea so if one made it to his/her first birthday, the celebration was huge. I knew that if Kyle were still in Korea, he would have had that celebration so I did my best to replicate it here, under the grumblings and protests of my hubby.

I decided to do a jungle theme for Kyle. Our very close and great friends from CO who sadly couldn't be here for the party, worked really hard and created two very cool towers which were strictly made from nerds and beans for the party. Along with those items, I had a wish tree which I snagged the idea from another blogger who lives close by and the traditional Dolijabi game where whatever the child chooses, that is going to be there profession when they get older. Kyle picked thread which means he is going to have a long life and the second item he picked was a book which means scholar/teacher. Myself being a teacher, I was very happy that he chose that! Since Kyle is allergic to milk, I made him a dairy free one which he dug into and loved! I think the party was a success and everyone had a good time. I believe that Kyle's foster family in Korea would be very proud. :)

Poor Gracie was feeling horrible but you wouldn't know it by this picture

Table with traditional game and wish tree

My handmade table decorations

Poor Kyle didn't get to have one bite of this yummy cake

Tower made from beans and nerds

I think this picture is so cute!

Katie had a total blast on the swings

Poor Andrew, Gracie is bullying the boys already. She grabbed his hand and wouldn't let go. Don't you love the look on Andrew's face?

Kyle and Granny Joy

Kyle wasn't quite sure what to think of the farm lady

Hey, look who made an appearance, it's the Italian version of John Wayne

Kyle in his traditional Hanbok that was given to us by his foster mom

Kyle definitely enjoyed his dairy free cake

Kyle enjoying his first lollypop because he didn't get enough sugar during the party

Opening his presents

Wow, a new car!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I wish I could list all the reasons why I love my dad. He is a compassionate, outspoken, Italian guy who makes everybody laugh with his sense of humor. My dad has been through a lot in his life, starting at the age of 18 when he was diagnosed with throat cancer and then again when I was 3 with thyroid cancer. He made it past those hurtles and is relatively healthy still working part-time today. I owe a lot to my dad and look up to him. I really cherish those special Mondays when we go grocery shopping or run errands together. It may seem like a mundane thing but we get to spend time with him and he loves seeing the grandchildren that he has waited so long for. He loves Gracie and Kyle with all his heart and if anybody ever did anything to them, well, put it this way, my dad is Italian, enough said. :) Thanks dad for being there and we love you with all our hearts!!

Jerry is the other special man in my life. He is an awesome father to Gracie and Kyle and works so hard at his job so that I may stay home to be with the kids. Whenever Jerry gets home from work, Gracie's eyes light up and she goes running to her Daddy and gives him a huge hug. Jerry is a sensitive guy who has taught Gracie so much. I can always count on him as he is my rock and I feel instantly better when I am in a panic. I feel so lucky to have Jerry in my life and blessed that he is a great dad as there are a lot of men out there who have kids but aren't great fathers. Today at church, the pastor was talking about how it's now only the man's job to bring home the bacon but to be the spiritual head of the household and that is what Jerry is. I love you honey and so do the kids.

Gracie and her "vampire" teeth

Gracie and her Daddy

Uncle Peter who is not a dad but treats his niece and nephew just like they are his own children.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Forever Family Day

Three years ago today, I held Gracie in my arms. I still remember the day as though it was yesterday. Gracie came out bouncing up and down and so alert. She was placed in my arms and was still bouncing around, such an easy going baby. My little baby has grown up to be my beautiful little girl, inside and out. She is a sensitive soul and gets hurts easily if someone is mean to her. She loves to help out and be the little "mother" to everyone. Gracie makes friends easily and talks to everyone. Her current favorite phrase is "Why Mommy?" and her favorite colors are pink and purple. Gracie is such a girly girl and is constantly dressing up like a princess with make-up, jewelry, the whole bit. My daughter is very smart and has a wicked memory. She can remind you of something that happened over a year ago. Gracie loves to sing and will make up her own songs. She LOVES talking in "Chinese" and if you ask her what does this mean or that in Chinese, she will tell you. I could go on and on about my daughter but I would take up the whole page. We love you so much Gracie girl and are so happy that God has brought you into our lives. My Dad says that Gracie brought him alive again after my mom's death and that's a prefect way to describe Gracie as she touches lives everywhere she goes.

A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future. -- Author Unknown

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Last Wednesday, we took Kyle on his very first trip to Disneyland. Now if you are like my husband, who would be happy if he never visited again, you are probably saying who cares, right about now. But, if you are like me or any of my friends, this is a monumental event! Disneyland is a big part of our lives and almost like a passage of rights. When you are in my family, the first thing you get when you turn 3, is a Disneyland pass. We started taking Gracie when she was just 10 months old and she loves it there. I don't know what it is, but I can be in a horrific mood and walk into the place and just feel happy. Well, maybe not on a super busy day but for most of the time, yes.

So we loaded the kids into the car, along with the gazillion items that we needed for Kyle, including the double stroller and off we went. I figured it wouldn't be too crowded since Memorial Day was that previous Monday but as usual, I was wrong. The place was packed, more than I have seen it in a while but we did manage to get on a few rides that weren't crowded and Kyle did really well, better than my hubby who hates, did I mention hates crowds. We even got to visit the famous mouse who Kyle wasn't sure what to do with but he did manage to touch Mickey's nose which in my book is a success.

Getting ready for the tram

The famous castle

Our first family portrait with Mickey. Not sure why Mickey is wearing winter apparel but hey, whatever!

Who the heck is this mouse mom?

If you look at the roller coaster, second from front, you can spot Jerry and Gracie

The happiest place on earth!