Saturday, June 19, 2010

Forever Family Day

Three years ago today, I held Gracie in my arms. I still remember the day as though it was yesterday. Gracie came out bouncing up and down and so alert. She was placed in my arms and was still bouncing around, such an easy going baby. My little baby has grown up to be my beautiful little girl, inside and out. She is a sensitive soul and gets hurts easily if someone is mean to her. She loves to help out and be the little "mother" to everyone. Gracie makes friends easily and talks to everyone. Her current favorite phrase is "Why Mommy?" and her favorite colors are pink and purple. Gracie is such a girly girl and is constantly dressing up like a princess with make-up, jewelry, the whole bit. My daughter is very smart and has a wicked memory. She can remind you of something that happened over a year ago. Gracie loves to sing and will make up her own songs. She LOVES talking in "Chinese" and if you ask her what does this mean or that in Chinese, she will tell you. I could go on and on about my daughter but I would take up the whole page. We love you so much Gracie girl and are so happy that God has brought you into our lives. My Dad says that Gracie brought him alive again after my mom's death and that's a prefect way to describe Gracie as she touches lives everywhere she goes.

A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future. -- Author Unknown


Karen said...

It is such a privilege to watch Gracie grow up into the wonderfully created girl of God - she is so precious to us as well & Becky is blessed to call her "best friend".

Nancy Wright said...

She is so beautiful and looks so grown up. Congradulations on your two beautiful children, you deserve them. I follow your blog all the time. Nancy Wright