Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I wish I could list all the reasons why I love my dad. He is a compassionate, outspoken, Italian guy who makes everybody laugh with his sense of humor. My dad has been through a lot in his life, starting at the age of 18 when he was diagnosed with throat cancer and then again when I was 3 with thyroid cancer. He made it past those hurtles and is relatively healthy still working part-time today. I owe a lot to my dad and look up to him. I really cherish those special Mondays when we go grocery shopping or run errands together. It may seem like a mundane thing but we get to spend time with him and he loves seeing the grandchildren that he has waited so long for. He loves Gracie and Kyle with all his heart and if anybody ever did anything to them, well, put it this way, my dad is Italian, enough said. :) Thanks dad for being there and we love you with all our hearts!!

Jerry is the other special man in my life. He is an awesome father to Gracie and Kyle and works so hard at his job so that I may stay home to be with the kids. Whenever Jerry gets home from work, Gracie's eyes light up and she goes running to her Daddy and gives him a huge hug. Jerry is a sensitive guy who has taught Gracie so much. I can always count on him as he is my rock and I feel instantly better when I am in a panic. I feel so lucky to have Jerry in my life and blessed that he is a great dad as there are a lot of men out there who have kids but aren't great fathers. Today at church, the pastor was talking about how it's now only the man's job to bring home the bacon but to be the spiritual head of the household and that is what Jerry is. I love you honey and so do the kids.

Gracie and her "vampire" teeth

Gracie and her Daddy

Uncle Peter who is not a dad but treats his niece and nephew just like they are his own children.


Mom of Three said...

He's a pretty great dad!

Karen said...

What a great weekend you had - all about hte amazing family that God has knitted together for you!