Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kyle's DOL

I was recently informed by one of my good friends, who shall remain nameless but you know who you are, that I am not blogging enough! So I decided that I guess it's about time that I posted pictures from Kyle's DOL (1st birthday party). It really hasn't been that long since these photos were taken, just a couple okay maybe 3 weeks give or take. The party did take place in June so technically, I am still good.

A DOL is a big celebration that happens in Korea. Back in the day, which I am not exactly sure when but it sounds cool writing it, there was a high mortality rate for infants in Korea so if one made it to his/her first birthday, the celebration was huge. I knew that if Kyle were still in Korea, he would have had that celebration so I did my best to replicate it here, under the grumblings and protests of my hubby.

I decided to do a jungle theme for Kyle. Our very close and great friends from CO who sadly couldn't be here for the party, worked really hard and created two very cool towers which were strictly made from nerds and beans for the party. Along with those items, I had a wish tree which I snagged the idea from another blogger who lives close by and the traditional Dolijabi game where whatever the child chooses, that is going to be there profession when they get older. Kyle picked thread which means he is going to have a long life and the second item he picked was a book which means scholar/teacher. Myself being a teacher, I was very happy that he chose that! Since Kyle is allergic to milk, I made him a dairy free one which he dug into and loved! I think the party was a success and everyone had a good time. I believe that Kyle's foster family in Korea would be very proud. :)

Poor Gracie was feeling horrible but you wouldn't know it by this picture

Table with traditional game and wish tree

My handmade table decorations

Poor Kyle didn't get to have one bite of this yummy cake

Tower made from beans and nerds

I think this picture is so cute!

Katie had a total blast on the swings

Poor Andrew, Gracie is bullying the boys already. She grabbed his hand and wouldn't let go. Don't you love the look on Andrew's face?

Kyle and Granny Joy

Kyle wasn't quite sure what to think of the farm lady

Hey, look who made an appearance, it's the Italian version of John Wayne

Kyle in his traditional Hanbok that was given to us by his foster mom

Kyle definitely enjoyed his dairy free cake

Kyle enjoying his first lollypop because he didn't get enough sugar during the party

Opening his presents

Wow, a new car!!!!


Karen said...

now see - aren't you glad you listened to that very wise friend and got your post done!!

What a great celebration for a really cute little boy!!!!

Nancy Wright said...

Gracie is beautiful, she has grown up into a beautiful young lady and Kyle is adorable.

You are very blessed to have (2) wonderful children.

Kimberly and Ed said...

Kyle's Dol looks fabulous! I know Kyle's foster family would be proud! Love the jungle theme:-)

Mom of Three said...

It looks like it was so much fun! I really wish we could have been there.